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Health IT Startup: Datica

Image result for datica logoThe Datica platform manages all ongoing compliance and security burdens not covered by AWS and Microsoft Azure. Through the platform, customers deploy cloud-native applications and integrate with EHRs. The HITRUST CSF Certified Datica platform services all who handle PHI in the cloud, from startups to the Fortune 100.

Elevator Pitch

Datica removes the risks for digital health in the cloud.

Founders’ story

Travis Good, MD
Travis Good, MD

When CEO Travis Good, MD, and co-founder Mohan Balachandran, began solving healthcare’s universal hurdle in building applications in the cloud — HIPAA — the two entrepreneurs solved the problem. Along the way, they realized that other development companies had also been trying to solve the same problem. They thought: Why should any of us reinvent the wheel? With the compelling market need in front of them, they built their HIPAA-compliant platform and made it available to other development teams, and eventually enterprises. Knowing that trust, security, and compliance would remain the pillars to their platform, the founders sought certifications and audits through HITRUST, SOC 2, and GDPR to make the Datica Platform the most trusted foundation on which to build applications in the cloud.

Marketing/promotion strategy

Datica helps healthcare enterprises and digital health vendors accelerate innovation to improve healthcare through the use of its HIPAA compliant platform. We promote Datica to both market segments through outbound and inbound channels, direct outreach through webinars and local/national presentations around the company’s framework for digital health success, as well as through its podcast, quarterly reports, and executive speaking.

Market opportunity

The market opportunity for the Datica platform is extensive, touching all B2B healthcare stakeholders who store, manage and transmit personal health information in the cloud. Our target audience is 60/40 enterprise (healthcare providers, pharma, and payors), as well as digital health vendors. World-class companies like Johnson & Johnson, Zipnosis, Healthloop, Propeller Health, Methodist Le Bonheur, Stony Brook Medical, Optum and more, trust Datica to remove the risks of digital health in the cloud.

Who are your competitors?

Our largest competitors in the compliant cloud space aren’t other PaaS vendors but rather managed service solutions on one of the major IaaS vendors like Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure. With Datica, developers can deploy application workloads to their Datica environment instead of directly to another IaaS to eliminate the burden of compliance. With the Datica Platform, a customer gets the benefits of AWS, Azure, or other infrastructures as the foundation of our platform, plus Datica automates all DevOps and DevSecOps requirements in the cloud. Developers can deploy services & workloads in minutes that are fully in compliance with HIPAA and HITRUST.

How your company differentiates itself from the competition and how Datica differs.

Datica differentiates itself in two ways. The first is through open source resources. Datica has a strong belief in open source resources as the fastest and best way to promote healthcare innovation. Datica open sourced its company policies and resources early in the company life. During HIMSS18, we also announced that the Datica platform now uses Kubernetes (an open source system for automating deployment) as its underlying container orchestration, granting customers greater technical flexibility.

Second, Datica stands apart from other PaaS competitors through its firm commitment to third-party audit and verification of the Platform’s trusted security. Datica is HIPAA compliant, HITRUST CSF Certified and has certifications for SOC 2, GDPR, and GxP.

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