Health IT Startup: InfoTech Healthcare

John Penland

Technology and healthcare have never been more dependent on each other and
ensuring your data is stored on HIPAA-compliant storage systems can be a
challenge. InfoTech Healthcare attempts to take this burden off the healthcare
facilities and provides customers with mobile storage platform to store data from X-rays to office documents. How many times do users email documents back and forth to share information and it not be encrypted? InfoTech Healthcare’s goal is to provide healthcare customers with a worry free solution that requires zero administration action from
the customer while providing information quickly to users no matter the location.

Elevator Pitch
InfoTech Healthcare makes it easy for healthcare organizations to share and store information on a highly secure HIPAA-compliant system that requires not administrative effort by the customer. InfoTech Healthcare provides the tools for users to operate with unlimited storage and share information
with other authorized staff quickly. The InfoTech Healthcare storage app is available for Windows, MAC, iPhone, iPad and Android to keep users connected from any location.

Product/Service Description
Healthcare providers count on storing their office and patient information in a safe and easy to use location. InfoTech Healthcare ensures that healthcare providers have an easy to use system that meets all the security
requirements of the industry. Our team manages all the backend requirements so healthcare providers can focus on using the system and not managing it. Highly detailed auditing is automatically turned on so that data can be reviewed by managed if ever needed. Our systems can be configured so that our support staff can retrieve information deleted from the system by any user. This prevents unauthorized data destruction and ensuring your organization is compliant with record management. Providing multiple layers of granular security, information can be restricted to seven levels of access ranging from ownership to denied access.

Founder’s story
John Penland is the CEO and founder of InfoTech Healthcare. John’s passion for cloud solutions started out of college when working with other healthcare software companies. To be successful, John realized that customers needed a safe and reliable service backed by outstanding customer support and education. John developed key partnerships with other vendors in the market to deliver customers a great set of services for healthcare providers that met all compliance regulations for HIPAA storage. InfoTech Healthcare storage systems are designed to lead the way in cloud storage for healthcare and other business organizations.

Marketing/Promotion strategy
InfoTech Healthcare focuses on each customer’s technical challenges and ensures we deliver a great solution to resolve those challenges. InfoTech Healthcare’s marketing strategy is to let its growing list of customers recommend InfoTech’s services to other companies through word of mouth and customer success stories. We are confident that as we continue to resolve customer issues then those satisfied customers would recommend other businesses to our services.

Market Opportunity
The demand of InfoTech Healthcare’s cloud storage is bigger than ever. With the increase availability of high-speed bandwidth and Google Fiber, our cloud services can reach more customers with impressive performance and

We have noticed a large increase in demand for our cloud services not only in healthcare, but now with the US Department of Justice recommending our services we have increase growth in the legal services industry.

How your company differentiates from the competition
InfoTech Healthcare is designed to recommend cloud and other services to healthcare providers but we also implement, migration, educate and provide on going support for our cloud services we offer. This allows customers to focus on using the services and have a one-stop location to resolve all issues.

Business Model
InfoTech Healthcare delivers value to healthcare organizations by reducing IT required resources, reducing IT support issues, increasing security and mobility while driving down capital expenses and shifting technology
services to operational expenses.

Current Needs
InfoTech Healthcare is looking for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities interested in improving their technology systems for storing information and increasing security and mobile capabilities.

When founded

There is no official headquarters for InfoTech Healthcare. For legal purposes, InfoTech Healthcare is based in Franklin, TN, but InfoTech prides itself on being a virtual team as our cloud services can allow others.

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