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Cisco CCIE Test and Exam Dumps: Gateway To The Networking Field

In the world of networking technologies, Cisco is recognized by many as one of the most reputable companies in the field. To ensure that its consumers get reliable and sufficient assistance from the IT professionals who handle its products, this organization offers a lot of certificates at various levels to help prove one’s knowledge and skills in a particular product or technology.

The credentials found at the Associate level are the most popular. As there will be some changes to the Cisco certification program soon, the list of 10 associate-level certificates will be replaced by only two CCNA and one DevNet. That is why a lot of candidates try to pass all the required exams now, and even more individuals are preparing to earn the new credentials. One of those that is going to be retired is 300-420 ENSLD.

In this article, we want to talk about this certificate and the test that you will need to pass in order to obtain a badge. We will highlight what Cisco CCIE DCICN entails and how to pass it.

Cisco CCNA Data Center certification

CCNA Data Center provides the students with the confidence that you will need during your job tasks while installing, configuring, and maintaining data center technology. They will get the required knowledge of data center networking concepts and technologies, data center infrastructure, unified computing, data center automation and orchestration, ACI, storage networking, and network virtualization.

There are no official prerequisites that you should have before considering this associate-level credential. However, it will be much easier for you if you get at least the basic knowledge while reading this post. It will surely guide you in the right direction.The only milestone that you have right now is passing two exams: Cisco CCIE and Cisco 200-155. Let’s talk about the first step of your task.

Cisco CCIE DCICN exam

Cisco CCIEis a certification exam that validates your knowledge of data center physical infrastructure, networking concepts, and storage networking. It contains about 55 to 65 questions,and the time allocated for this test is 90 minutes. Registration for it is only available in English and on the Pearson VUE platform. You need to log into your account, select ‘Proctored Exams’, and type CCIE.

To successfully pass this certification exam and get high results, you need to ace the topics that are required to be learned. All in all, you need to study the following objectives:

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Health IT Thought Leader Highlight: Tapan Mehta, Cisco

Tapan Mehta
Tapan Mehta

Tapan Mehta, global healthcare lead, Cisco, brings more than 15 years of healthcare information technology, marketing and business development leadership as Cisco’s global healthcare lead. Mehta is responsible for managing the development and marketing efforts for healthcare solutions including clinical workflow improvement, telemedicine, patient safety, regulatory requirements and EHR integration.

Here he discusses the demand for telehealth, the changing role of hospital health IT, wearable technology and patient monitoring and what Cisco is doing to serve its healthcare clients.

Tell me about Cisco and how it serves healthcare.

At Cisco, we see the healthcare industry as ripe for technology disruption. After doing things the same way for years, we think technology can be the catalyst that brings positive changes to how care is delivered. Drawing from our experience as the worldwide networking leader, Cisco is well positioned to help improve the future of healthcare through networked technologies that transform how people connect, access and share information, and collaborate. New healthcare technologies, like those offered by Cisco, benefit everyone – from patients to providers, payers to life sciences organizations.

What is your role, specifically, and what is the most challenging aspect of it?

I have a global marketing role where my team is tasked to develop healthcare specific solutions, go-to-market strategy and field enablement, as well as serve as the “voice of the customer” by bringing the outside-in view to Cisco and its various business groups.  Healthcare is at a very critical inflection point in the industry whereby there are several key underlying currents in areas such as mHealth, telehealth, data analytics, wearables, etc.  While there are several interesting opportunities to pursue, what makes it difficult is to prioritize them as each segment has substantial market opportunity and growth prospects.

What inspires you and does this translate to your leadership style?

Healthcare is very personal. It touches everyone in the society in some shape or form.  I have been in the healthcare space for the past 15 years and I am extremely fortunate that I am in an industry that is going to go through a transformational change over the next decade. Historically, healthcare has fundamentally lagged behind most industries when it comes to technology adoption, but I perceive that changing over the next several years. Healthcare “consumerism,” combined with government mandates around the globe, is going to force the industry to adopt technology if it truly wants to improve quality of patient care and workflows throughout the continuum of care. I am really excited to be part of this healthcare eco-system, whereby I can make a difference in how our customers do their business and more importantly how quality of patient care can be vastly improved.

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