Microsoft MS-202 Exam Topics As A Guiding Star To Your Certification

The Microsoft MS-202 exam is targeted at those IT professionals who are pursuing the Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate certification and have already taken and passed Microsoft 70-345.

The MS-202 test is actually a transition exam, which is intended for the specific candidates. The messaging administrators targeted by Microsoft MS-202 are those who are involved in troubleshooting, configuring, managing, and monitoring public folds, mail flow, mail protection, recipients, and permissions in the Cloud and on-premises enterprise environment.

These IT specialists are typically responsible for managing hygiene, migration, high availability, hybrid configuration, client access, disaster recovery, messaging, and infrastructure. They also partner and work in collaboration with the security administrators and Microsoft 365 Enterprise administrators to carry out a very secure hybrid topology, which performs business requirements of the modern organizations.

The message experts who want to take the Microsoft MS-202 test are supposed to have the relevant knowledge of authentication types licensing with M365 applications and integration to attempt this exam successfully.

In case you have not passed Microsoft 70-345 but you want to obtain the Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate certification, you will have to clear two tests – Microsoft MS-200and Microsoft MS-201.

Microsoft MS-202 Exam Topics: Complete Guide

Being a transition exam, Microsoft MS-202 has specific topics that combine some aspects of both Microsoft MS?200 and Microsoft MS-201. Let’s dive into the details of these objectives.

Management of Main Flow Topology

This is the first objective tested on Microsoft MS-202. Under this topic, you are required to have an in-depth understanding of transport pipeline planning to be able to answer the questions. It covers the onethat evaluates your insight of planning that is involved in the transport architecture, planning a solution in order to ensure there is high availability of mail flow, and designing for the multi-site mail flow.

Management of Recipients & Devices

This is the second subject covered in Microsoft MS-202. This topic area requires that the candidates know how to effectively manage mailboxes as well as their policies & archives, permissions, resource and shared mailboxes, as well as groups. Besides, the examinees also need to have the skills required in evaluating license options. The questions testing your competency in managing recipients and devices in the MS-202 exam are worth up to 15% of the total marks.

Management of Modern Messaging Infrastructure

This is the third topic of Microsoft MS-202. This one is all about skills in managing databases. The questions gauge your ability to manage databases effectively. This typically involves planning mailbox database prerequisites as well as configuring, creating and troubleshooting mailbox databases.It is also required to possess the relevant knowledge of managing the messaging infrastructure lifecycle. Generally, this covers various components that include AD preparation for Exchange, installation& updating of Exchange services, and developing a plan of the Exchange server installation. In order to answer the questions under this objective, you must achieve competence in managing a modern messaging infrastructure.

Planning and Implementation of Hybrid Configuration and Migration

This objective requires that the students for Microsoft MS-202 understand how to go about planning a hybrid environment. This areaverifiesone’s knowledge and skills in evaluating federation in hybrid co-existence and hybrid free/busy accessas well as deciding between Exchange Classic Hybrid and Modern Hybrid.It also measures the candidates’ skills related to the deployment of the hybrid environment. They are also tested if you know a thing or two about configuration and installation of the Edge server, and configuration of the hybrid mail flow and OCT.

Security of Messaging Environment

Here, the learners are required to develop core competence, especially in managing messaging hygiene. The knowledge and skills are measured in a wide range of components, including message hygiene planning, configuration of spam filters and malware filters, and management connection filters. The questions under this topic also evaluate your ability to monitor action center and quarantined items, manage protection for phishing, configuring, and planning Span Confidence Levels.

Competence must be developed in all the objectives highlighted above to achieve the pass mark and the desired success in the Microsoft MS-202 test. To ensure that you are mastering all these topics, you need to use the relevant study materials from reputable websites. One such platform is Exam-Labs. Here, you can sign up for a training course where you will be taken through all the exam subjects by the qualified professionals who have a lot of experience in the field and have also passed their Microsoft MS-202 with very high numbers.

Microsoft MS-202 Exam: Important Notice

Unfortunately, this test has been retired on September 30, 2019. As we mentioned earlier, Microsoft MS?202 was a transition exam aimed at those IT experts who have already taken the 70?345 test. It was designed specifically to bridge the gap that existed between the Microsoft certification program and the new role-based paths that the company introduced. Microsoft has provided a specific timeline when the MS?202 exam will be available. This means that those individuals who had already cleared Microsoft 70-345 but have not yet passed Microsoft MS-202 before its retirement are required to forfeit the test and begin afresh with the certification process. The MS-202 exam has the same content that you need to clear in two tests (MS-200 and MS-201) of this associate-level credential.


All the certification exams need certain changes and updates at some point due to the evolving IT industry. That is why there was such a test as Microsoft MS-202, which is now not available. You must keep an eye on the Microsoft certification tracks that you are interested in. Check for any changes from time to time so you can prepare yourself in advance and take the current exams in order to be an in-demand specialist with a valid IT credential.

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