Microsoft Dynamics AX To Better Manage Your Business Processes

Are the basic finances and operations systems your business used to use are no longer efficient enough? Maybe it’s time to think about adopting a more modern and more ergonomic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system! In this context, one of the best possibilities available to you is to opt for Microsoft AX software, an efficient solution, the many advantages of which will optimize the main areas of development of your company.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the new business cloud-based solution that combines classic ERP and CRM functions with modern Business Intelligence (BI) functionality, Office 365 integration, and complementary applications designed to meet specific business and industry requirements.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations: a cloud migration for Dynamics AX customers

No more server rooms and heavy IT investments to using Dynamics AX! Since AX joined the Dynamics 365 family, a simple browser allows you to use all the functions and modules of the solution via a simple internet connection. Dynamics AX has transformed and become Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. The ultra-powerful ERP with extensive features has joined the Dynamics 365 environment to integrate it as a functional suite dedicated to finance and operations.

Allows Business Process Integration

Intelligent, multichannel ERP software that integrates all the business processes of your company.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations consists of several building blocks to better plan your company’s resources (ERP), namely:

Microsoft Dynamics Finance

Your financial operations and transactions allow optimal control of your performance and forecasts.

Microsoft Dynamics Supply Chain Management

The productivity of your manufacturing operations, as well as your procurement, holds no secrets for you, your teams, and your partners.

Microsoft Dynamics Commerce

Multichannel becomes one of the rules of your commercial management, both on the site with your e-commerce site and in your own or franchised stores.

Microsoft Dynamics Human Resources

Human competence becomes a key element of your success and your development, as well as the loyalty of your customers and your partners.

A Truly Complete Solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations of its second name is an ERP software recognized and extensively used around the world because of its flexibility and efficiency. This tool indeed allows a rationalization of business processes in companies. The Microsoft Dynamics AX software package offers comprehensive functionalities, which help you better manage your various internal activities and facilitate strategic decision-making for the evolution of the business.

This ERP solution also increases employee performance and the visibility of your company due to the constant availability of clear, precise, and up-to-date information. In addition, such a tool allows you to maintain permanent contact with your customers. In other words, you can improve your brand image and increase the awareness of your company thanks to Microsoft Dynamics AX!

A Versatile and Extremely Ergonomic Tool

What especially sets this software apart from others of the same kind is its ability to offer basic ERP functionalities and adapt them to different industries. Among other things, this tool allows you to easily plan your business budget by creating budget plan spreadsheet templates using Microsoft Excel. The effectiveness of Microsoft Dynamics AX software is also proven in terms of inventory management, where it enables the automation of storage processes and, at the same time, reduces operational costs.

This ERP solution also helps you to better manage your transport by planning and grouping your goods. It can also set up sophisticated point-of-sale terminals based on outstanding back-office functionalities as well as real-time research into available stocks.

Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics AX also gives you the ability to anticipate your customers’ demands and optimize the accuracy of your forecasts, which enables constant product availability and lowers storage costs. This tool also promotes better management of the human resources of your company due to the existence of features such as forecasting team developments, generating reports, or analyzing salaries.

The development of best business practices, efficient management of the product lifecycle, optimization of the supply chain, time savings, and increased turnover are other advantages that make Microsoft software Dynamics AX a must-have for any business!

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