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Adopting Technology Allows For A More Inclusive Service Experience

Nicole Leisle

By Nicole Leisle, vice president product marketing, Centripoint.

Organizations that serve adults with disabilities often operate on shoestring budgets, forcing spending to stay at a minimum and technological advances not prioritized. Many are still using legacy systems and processes that require manual input, whether that be writing it down on a piece of paper or entering it into Excel.

This is an inefficient method of operating, and often leads to many errors that impact the person being served. While technology can be seen as an expensive investment, the reality is that over time there is a return that benefits the organization, employees, and clients. For those serving these groups of people to be efficient and create a better experience for those being served, the adoption of technology is the path forward.

Existing Systems and Processes Need to Be Modernized

Antiquated systems and processes lead to inefficiencies that end up being detrimental to patients being served. The method of manual input, whether on paper or Excel, can create real problems, from double-booking to not accurately inputting information, which can consume time for patients and staff. Appointment setting must be handled with care, especially for those with disabilities, as some require additional support like transportation.

When that’s the case, the importance of accurate information is even clearer. If a patient isn’t transported because of clerical errors, this creates a bad experience for an already underserved population, which makes them less likely to continue with existing care. On the other hand, if a driver is mistakenly dispatched to the wrong location, that is a waste of time and money for the organization.  With more than 60 million Americans living with disabilities, the importance of having efficient operations can be critical toward maintaining care for these individuals.

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