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Technology Will Make The Care Team Evolution Possible In 2023

Frank Harvey

By Frank Harvey, CEO, Surescripts.

Healthcare faces daunting challenges and uncertainty as we look to the future. But we know one thing to be true: passionate advocates across the industry are working each day to improve the delivery of patient care.

Provider burnout, staffing shortages, inflation and economic uncertainty will force a shift in how care is provided. As a result, in 2023 we will see patient care teams evolve dramatically.

When I began my career as a community pharmacist 30 years ago, the telephone was the pinnacle of technology supporting how we filled prescriptions. Since then, electronic prescribing has helped prescribers and pharmacists step away from the phone and in 2021, Surescripts processed more than 2 billion prescriptions electronically.

This technology puts patient intelligence at prescribers and pharmacists’ fingertips, helping make better informed care decisions alongside their patients while eliminating time-consuming manual processes.

Despite these innovations, the COVID-19 pandemic uncovered gaps that remain in pharmacist and prescriber workflows, including burdensome administrative tasks that we know are contributing to concerning levels of provider burnout and driving costs sky-high.

Our responsibility is to make sure the health technology that exists today is effective in eliminating inefficiencies that contribute to burnout and is focused on supporting evolving patient care teams.

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