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Telehealth Proving To Be A Game-Changer During COVID-19

By Piyush Jain, founder and CEO, Simpalm.

Piyush Jain

Telehealth is the delivery of health education, health information services, and healthcare services using remote technologies like telecommunication and digital communication. It has long been around in the healthcare industry.

However, previously providers hesitated in embracing the potential of it because of the low revenue and costly infrastructure needed to set it up. Nonetheless, the COVID-19 pandemic completely transformed that scenario. Caregivers were compelled to adopt telehealth technologies for their own safety and follow social distancing norms.

Since the pandemic, telehealth services have gained tremendous momentum, particularly for the following reasons:

However, one must not confuse telehealth with a phone consultation. Telehealth is different as it incorporates many facilities for better delivery of healthcare to patients remotely, like,

Telehealth Modalities

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