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Apps and Devices That Impact Your Health and Well-Being

Twitter, Facebook, TogetherTechnology is constantly evolving and changing the way we do things in all areas in your life, including in healthcare. It plays a big role in the healthcare industry because it can help providers diagnose and treat their patients quicker and more efficiently, eliminating the frustration caused by trial and error. Technology in health care is also changing the way patients can take control over their health while keeping a close eye on progress and achievements.

Pillo Health

Pillo is a voice-activated companion that tells you when you’re supposed to take your next dose of medication while dispensing it for you, storing up to 28 days’ worth. This health device is also a hands-free assistant who responds to your voice and/or touch. He can tell you the weather forecast, keep track of your schedule with reminders, set alarms and timers, and tell you nutritional information on foods. If you want a loved one to know how you’re doing, Pillo can keep them notified about when you took your medications and any missed doses with your permission.

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