Tag: A Guide to Treat Head Injury

A Guide To Treat Head Injury

Head injury is any harm to the brain, skull, scalp in the form of swelling, broken blood vessels, or nerve damage. These injuries range from minor injuries such as bumps to severe injuries like traumatic brain injury (TB1), depending on the extent of the damage caused by an object.

A head injury can either be closed or open (penetrating). In closed head injury, there is no impairment to the skull, while in open head injury; the damage penetrates into the skull, thus entering the brain.

Did you know?

In case of serious brain traumatic injuries, doctors perform surgeries to repair the skull. After surgery, mostly people need to spend some time in rehabilitation to get back to their normal life.

Let’s dig into the details.

Causes of head injury:

There can be numerous causes of head injury. The most common injuries occur due to accidents in automobiles, on bikes, or while crossing roads. Likewise, you may experience a head injury when you fall or when you are playing sports. Generally, these injuries are caused due to blows to the head. On the other hand, some head injuries occur due to violence or child abuse––head shaken. In all cases, early treatment is crucial, therefore keeping small travel kits in the car for administering first aid in an emergency when you are out and about could be a wise move.

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