Signs That Show You Should See A Neurologist Immediately

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There are so many signs that should make you book an appointment with a neurologist. But first, let’s understand who a neurologist is. A neurologist is a medical professional who can diagnose and treat conditions that affect the brain and the nervous system.

If you are experiencing unexplained symptoms that might be related to the brain or nervous system, it is recommended to see a neurologist in Frederick MD. A neurologist treats a wide range of conditions that affect the nerve, brain, and spinal cord. Some of these conditions include epilepsy, stroke, sleep disorders, migraines, back pain, brain tumors, etc.

With that said, let’s look at some of the signs that should tell you that it is time to see a neurologist.

You get frequent migraines

Migraine is a very common type of headache that affects millions of people globally. In the U.S., more than 37 million people are affected by migraines. That’s according to the American Migraine Foundation. Frequent and severe migraines should warrant a visit to a neurologist’s office. Some of the symptoms of migraines include throbbing or pulsing pain, a headache that either occurs on one side of the head or both sides, nausea, light sensitivity, etc.

You recently had a brain or spinal injury

Sports injuries, car accidents, and falls can harm your spinal cord or brain. Symptoms will depend on the level of damage and what was injured. Brain injuries can cause seizures headaches, loss of consciousness, and dizziness. If you recently had a car accident or sports injury, it is advisable to see a neurologist. The neurologist will come up with a treatment plan that is ideal for your situation and coordinate your care. The treatment plan will include physical therapy, mental health therapy, and medications.

You have had a stroke

If you recently had a stroke, then it is crucial that you see a neurologist as soon as you can. Strokes generally occur when the blood is not supplied to the brain. That could be due to a blocked blood vessel or bleeding in the brain.

A neurologist is able to diagnose and treat a stroke as it happens. The doctor can diagnose stokes by getting images of the brain. He will then offer treatment, which includes dispensing medications that can dissolve blood clots if the stroke was caused as a result of a blocked blood vessel.

You have seizures

Frequent seizures are also an indication that you should see a neurologist as soon as you can. Seizures can be a sign of epilepsy. It could also be a symptom of another condition such as meningitis or a brain tumor. So it is advisable to see a neurologist to help identify the exact cause of your seizures and come up with a perfect treatment plan for your situation.

You feel dizzy more often

When you feel dizzy, you feel like the world is spinning around. Dizziness can be life-changing since it can affect your life by keeping you from doing your tasks, such as taking care of your family or going to work. If you are experiencing frequent dizziness, then it is time to see a neurologist to help diagnose the underlying condition.

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