Reducing Workplace Stress In The Tech Industry

Adult, Annoyed, Blur, BurnoutWhile working in the tech industry can be rewarding due to the creation & implementation of process improvement, it also can be a demanding and high-stress environment. Companies are beginning to take notice and are looking to avoid employee burnout and improve overall morale in order to increase not only productivity, but to decrease turnover and meet employee satisfaction. Whether you’re looking to change jobs, or finding ways to enhance management style, focusing on a few ways to reduce workplace stress can go a long way in the long-term care of your employees.

Focus on Mental Health

Whether it’s providing online or in-person counseling resources, therapy can provide an ongoing judgement-free discussion outside of work where you can open up and receive a care plan that meets your overall goals. Covered by your healthcare plan with a small co-pay due at visitation, employers that provide the needed tools for mental health improvement can find employees that are not only handling stress more efficiently, productivity will improve. Employees can find comfort that as these ongoing discussions occur, the work-life balance begins to take even more shape.

Promote Flexible Schedules

With burnout occurring with long, demanding hours in the office, not to mention the commute, many companies are choosing to promote flexible work schedules in order to reduce stress. Choosing your own start and stop hours as long as you meet the minimum required amount, whether it’s 8 or 10 hours, may make the difference if some days it helps to sleep in a little to rest for staying late the following day. In addition, allowing work from home can be refreshing, as you avoid the commute, attire, and break from other staff members, in the comfort of your own home office.

Encourage Non-Work Activities

While the idea of hanging out with co-works after a long day of work may not be the top priority, encouraging non-work activities may be the answer to give a mental break for stressed employees. Budget constraints can likely be an issue, but even providing lunch for the team in a conference room can get staff who are normally tied down at their desk a reason to move around. In addition, many companies are adding ‘walk at work’ initiatives which promotes healthy living and team building to encourage taking walks during lunch or breaks to get out for a little fresh air.

Increase Communication with Employees

Although team meetings, whether they’re in the conference room or on a call, can take up a majority of the day, increasing communication with employees can have a positive effect when they feel appreciated, and at least listened to, on a daily basis. Although group venting sessions can sometimes be an ineffective use of time, scheduling a 1:1 session with your manager is a great way to be on the same page with day to day operations, as well as setting up short and long-term goals. This collaboration can provide an avenue for learning, development, not to mention leading to performance rewards such as a raise, bonus, or promotion.

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