Manage Your Stress Through A Connected Object

Stress and anxiety are a big part of everyone’s lives these days. The uncertainty that has taken over the world, since the start of the coronavirus crisis at the beginning of the year, has yet lo leave. People are looking for ways to manage their stress and anxiety, so that they can cope better with the new realities. Today, they can turn to a connected object called Spire to do so.

A Start-Up to Answer Every Need

It would seem like there are new start-ups popping-up everyday, ready to tackle on a need still unsolved by another corporation. That is the case with Spire who saw a niche and decided to launch itself into the void that existed. But before connected objects came on the market, there was already online help to relieve stress and anxiety. It is the case with Intermittent Breathing, where professionals are teaching breathing techniques for anxiety, which can help people going through this difficult time in history.

Nothing is more important than recovering normal breathing, when suffering through stress and anxiety. Otherwise, more ailments will come such as headaches, digestive problems and cardiovascular troubles. It is the one solution studies recommend, when going through rough patches, as it was proven to work best against other strategies in various research.

What Does Spire Do to Help with Your Stress?

Again, it all comes down to breathing. What Spire does is analyze the way its user is breathing, and his body movements as well, through an object connected to the body at the belt (women can also wear it closer to their lungs by hooking it to their bra). It has to touch the skin of the person wearing it, in order to function correctly. As the person moves and goes about his day, breathing regularly or irregularly, it measures the respiratory frequency and amplitude. All this data leads Spire to detect (or not) fatigue, tension and also how concentrated user of the connected object is.

The information is provided to the person wearing Spire through an application on a mobile phone, in real time. It measures the stress the individual is feeling, but not only. It can also indicate the level of physical activity the user is going through. It does that according to the number of steps taken during the day and the position the person has adopted. When Spire considers that the user has not been moving enough, it lets him know, so that the person can get-up and walk around for a little while.

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