How to Keep Health Records in Proper Manner

During the busy work schedule while taking care of so many patients, keeping record of every patient can really be a daunting task. It can distract you from the real work for which you have been hired. However, keeping record of every patient is also equally important as you cannot afford to remember every detail about the patient. Without maintaining proper record about every patient, you cannot hand over your duty to your next team of nurses.

The quality of nursing service is very much dependent on how well the records have been maintained about each patient in the hospital. Any poorly written record will not only reflect the quality of work of the nurse, but it can also be fatal for a critical patient.

Besides that, there is a legal significance about the nursing records. In case any patient ever complains about the treatment then the nursing record is the only proof that is legally valid. If proper record does not exist then legally it is considered that the treatment has not happened at all. You may click on this website to learn more about various aspects of health records.

How to maintain a good nursing record

 The record must be current, accurate, comprehensive, objective but concise during the stay of the patient in the hospital. Records used to be handwritten traditionally however nowadays electronic recording is introduced. Following procedures are adopted for creating any nursing record.


Documentation in nursing helps clinics and hospitals provide the best and personalized care to their patients, and also serves as an essential growth strategy for the organizations, as it helps in maintaining their accounts and bookkeeping in the most professional way.

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