How Mobility Chairs Bridge The Gap Between Walkers and Wheelchairs

For centuries, walkers and wheelchairs have assisted those with mobility impairments move from one place to another. While their functions are still essential, advancements in technology have led to the introduction of mobility chairs like this, which are more adaptable and convenient for their users.

Mobility chairs are easy to maneuver, especially for seniors who need a device to get around but can’t afford, or don’t want to invest in, an expensive electric wheelchair. Before you make a purchase, here is everything you need to know about mobility chairs.

What is a mobility chair?

A mobility chair offers technologically-advanced solutions to indoor and outdoor mobility issues and helps its users move about freely. With its easy-to-use features, this device offers a level of independence to those typically restricted by their mobility limitations.

Mobility chairs can be manually-driven, pushed, or powered. The most attractive feature of these devices is their level of maneuverability and their ability to effortlessly fit in tighter spaces and pilot around sharp corners, making them perfect for home-use. They are also adjustable and customizable for users of every height, weight, and type of mobility restriction.

Why is a mobility chair better than a normal wheelchair?

One major similarity between mobility chairs and standard wheelchairs is that both are designed to help individuals with limited mobility maintain a sense of independence. The two differ in elements of design, which creates a significant impact on their functionality. Here is why a mobility chair may be a better fit than a standard wheelchair.

It’s more affordable

One of the greatest incentives of purchasing a mobility chair is its level of affordability when compared to the everyday wheelchair. Its operation and maintenance costs are minimal and with its simple design, the only running cost is your energy output.

A mobility chair is equipped with a control device and joystick steering, both of which are incredibly simple-to-operate.

A priceless feature of the mobility chair is the gift of peace of mind. You can leave home when convenient and go about your business, without the need for assistance. This restores the operator’s ability to enjoy outdoor activities such as afternoon picnics and strolls along park trails, without a second thought.

Compact design is easy-to-fit through doors and under tables

Its compact design is perhaps the number-one advantage of using a mobility chair over any other mobility aid. Mobility chairs are intuitive and amazingly simple-to-operate. Along with providing a comfortable solution to mobility restrictions, these chairs can fit between tight places and can pivot around corners with ease.

A mobility chair can also conveniently fit through doors and slide under tables. With the joystick, you can tuck the mobility chair under a standard desk or table, without making any adjustments. The same case applies when you’re backing out. With a single pull-back on your controlling wheel, you’ll be good-to-go.

Simple joystick steering

With an easy-to-use joystick, a mobility chair reduces your reliance on other people to freely move about. It offers you the flexibility you need to get around, without infringing on your independence.

The ability to control your joystick in a 360-degree motion is right at your fingertips. By toggling your mobility chair’s joystick, you can move the device in whichever direction you’d like: backward, forward, and sideways.

Most importantly, the mobility chair allows you to regulate your own speed by selecting your preferred speed range. With this speed customization feature, those with mobility restrictions can complete tasks independently, while expending less energy.

Sharper turning radius than wheelchairs

Your mobility chair, with its multitude of features, will be worth every cent you invest. Besides being comfortable, affordable, and easy-to-use, its turning radius is significantly sharper than a normal wheelchair.

With its improved turning radius, there’s no need to worry when navigating through tight turns in cramped spaces. The mobility chair’s low center of gravity and dual motors also allows the user the freedom to move about, without the fear of tipping. This supplies the operator with the sense of safety and security they’ll need while shopping or engaging in outdoor activities.


Transporting your mobility chair is quite simple and effective. Your days of struggling to fit your mobility device into your car are no longer. A mobility chair folds flat in seconds, with a simple pull of the release cable.

Keep in mind, you won’t need to assemble or disassemble any part of the chair. To unfold your chair, simply tug at the same cable to open.

Mobility chairs are prided on their lightweight and easily-portable characteristics. This saves you time and energy, enhancing your user experience.


Mobility chairs are significantly beneficial to senior citizens, regardless of their unique physical challenges. Besides being affordable, they offer comfort and security essential for those with limited mobility. Additionally, their improved features make them ideal for indoor and outdoor activities.

Consider these pros when shopping for the mobility devices best-suited to your set of needs.

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