Vocera Wins “Best in KLAS” for Excellence in Healthcare Communication

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Vocera Communications, Inc. (NYSE: VCRA), the leading provider of solutions that address critical communications and productivity challenges facing healthcare, hospitality, retail and other mobile work environments, today announced that the Company received the Best in KLAS award for its wireless communications solutions sold into the healthcare market.

KLAS is a leading global research firm that works with thousands of healthcare clinicians and executives to gather data on software, services, medical equipment and infrastructure systems. On an annual basis, KLAS selects the “Best in KLAS” vendors in these four segments based on customer rankings of sales, implementation, training, functionality, services, support, overall satisfaction and strategic impact.

“To achieve this Best in KLAS ranking as the number one provider of wireless communications for healthcare is a testament to our customer-centric approach in developing solutions that improve communication, patient experience and staff workflow in mission-critical environments,” said Brent Lang, president and CEO of Vocera. “On behalf of Vocera and its wide network of integration partners, I would like to thank our customers for their trust and business over the past 13 years which has put us in this leadership position.”

Key performance rankings and customer commentary are available in the June 17, 2013 KLAS Wireless Communications Promotional Report for Vocera and include the following customer comments:

Patient Safety

“The main benefit of having [Vocera] is patient safety. A nurse does not have to be in the room in order for him or her to get the alarm. The second benefit of Vocera is having the ability to communicate with anybody at any time. It is just so convenient.” – Director, April 2013


“Vocera is an excellent product. It has done everything we have asked it to do. Vocera does better each year at making the technology, the warranties, and the product even better. I often say I would have a mutiny on my hands if Vocera went away. That is how well the system actually works.” – VP/Other Executive, April 2013

EMR Integration

“We started using Vocera more for critical lab reporting. If a patient needs some critical lab work done, the lab can look in our EMR system, see who is assigned to that patient, and call that person directly to let them know.” – Director, April 2013


“The Vocera badges increase our efficiency when transporting patients. When our network goes down, the first thing people say to me is that they can’t communicate with anybody. They rely heavily on the badges. The whole OR area moves much more efficiently because of the Vocera badges.” – VP/Other Executive, March 2013

Improved Communication

“Vocera has enhanced our communication with the CNA caring for a patient. If there is a new observation, status change, or something else that needs to be communicated, the doctors don’t even have to know the name of the nurse caring for that particular patient. Vocera will find the right nurse.” – Director, October 2012

Smartphone Integration

“Vocera has a software program that will turn a smartphone into a Vocera badge. With this program from Vocera, they [hospital personnel] would be able to just hit a button and call the doctors on their phones. The doctors can then call back the person who paged them.” – Manager, July 2012

Quieter Hospital

“I would never have thought that a hospital could be this quiet. We don’t have call bells going off. We don’t have telephones ringing. We don’t have overhead paging. The noise is just not there, and that is the case every day. It is amazing. Our Press Ganey scores on the quietness of our hospital are excellent.” – Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), April 2013

Tangible ROI

“The Vocera technology got our attention because it saved us several hundred thousand dollars in the first year alone. We were able to lower our labor costs and be more efficient to the tune of that much money.” – VP/Other Executive, April 2013

Improved Workflow and Productivity

“We gave the Vocera badges to our pediatricians and our L&D doctors. The L&D doctors carry those badges around, so when patients go into labor, the pediatricians do not have to sit around waiting. They can continue their work in the NICU. When a baby is born, the L&D doctors can call the pediatricians from the delivery rooms using Vocera, and the pediatricians can be there just like that. Vocera has really improved everyone’s workflow and productivity.” – Director, April 2013

Improved Employee Satisfaction

“We do employee surveys by department each year, and we recently got our results. In the years I have been with the organization, communication has always been a concern or an issue on those evaluations, either by comment or by score. On this year’s survey, there was not one comment about communication being a problem. The scores had gone up drastically, and Vocera has been a large part of that. …When survey results were discussed within my team, there were many comments about how grateful people were for Vocera and how much it has improved our communication. That is significant.” – Director, October 2012

About Vocera Communications

Vocera is the leading provider of mobile communication solutions that address critical productivity and safety challenges facing healthcare, hospitality, retail and other mobile work environments. One of the fastest growing mobile technology companies, Vocera is widely recognized for developing smarter ways to communicate that improve patient and customer satisfaction. Exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association, Vocera® Voice Communication, Secure Messaging, and Patient Experience solutions are installed in more than 1,000 organizations worldwide. Vocera is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with offices in Tennessee, Canada, and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit www.vocera.com and @VoceraCom on Twitter.

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