Vital Connect + physIQ Partnership in Digital Medicine Yields Powerful Healthcare Tool for Mobile Patient Monitoring Co

Vital Connect and physIQ today announced an unprecedented partnership in digital medicine that establishes the only remote patient monitoring platform that combines an FDA 510k-cleared multivariate wearable medical device with FDA 510k-cleared multivariate machine learning-based personalized physiology analytics.

The partnership accelerates the availability of scalable, continuous telemetry monitoring for hospitals, health systems and payers implementing technology-enabled care coordination platforms. The integrated solution is currently being piloted in clinical studies with heart failure patients across four VHA hospitals within the U.S. Veterans Administration as a next-generation remote monitoring platform. In addition, the solution is being implemented by pharmaceutical companies integrating continuous ambulatory physiological data into clinical development programs.

“Digital technologies are disrupting and transforming medicine, allowing clinicians to monitor at-risk patients 24×7 while driving proactive, personalized care. The net result will be significant for improved quality of care and a more cost-efficient healthcare delivery system,“ said Dr. Steven Steinhubl, Director of Digital Medicine for the Scripps Translational Science Institute, and cardiologist. Revenues for remote monitoring solutions are projected to grow at a compounded annual rate of 32% to reach $27 billion by 2020, according to a recent report by Berg Insight.

“The new paradigm of population health is predicated on being able to proactively monitor and care for people beyond the walls of a hospital or health system,” said Dr. Nersi Nazari, CEO of Vital Connect. “By combining physIQ’s robust, cloud-based data platform and personalized physiology analytics with our HealthPatch® MD and VitalPatchTM biosensors, we will bring a powerful end-to-end solution to customers across the healthcare landscape.”

The traditional approach for vital signs is based on spot-check measurements, which do not effectively characterize human physiology in an ambulatory environment. The combined solution will give clinicians access to continuous vital signs telemetry at home, work, and in the community. Its personalized, machine learning-based analytics transform data into insight by factoring in vital sign dynamics inherent to ambulatory environments, addressing person-to-person physiological variability, and managing large volumes of longitudinal data. These analytics are being evaluated for their ability to identify clinically relevant changes and provide an exception-based triage tool. The ultimate objective is to allow healthcare systems to provide proactive patient care by identifying which patients need attention from health care professionals. By coupling physIQ’s personalized analytics with Vital Connect’s clinical-grade data, the partnership is poised to make continuous monitoring of at-risk patients a reality and offer unprecedented insight to clinicians and researchers.

“Health systems and payers need tools that allow care coordinators to do more for post-acute care management in order to reduce readmissions, improve outcomes, and lower costs, without merely throwing more staff at the problem,” said Gary Conkright, CEO of physIQ. “Through our exciting partnership with Vital Connect, care coordination groups will have access to a patient monitoring solution designed to empower highly scalable, proactive care coordination leveraging advanced mobile technology to generate personalized patient insight.”

The Vital Connect + physIQ solution is immediately available to support clinical trials by pharmaceutical companies and for studies at health systems seeking to evaluate technology-enabled care coordination for their heart failure and COPD populations. By virtue of being a disease-agnostic data and analytics solution, the non-exclusive partnership offers a platform for also exploring clinical use cases beyond cardiopulmonary conditions, such as renal disease, oncology, and CNS disorders.

About physIQ:
PhysIQ is a company dedicated to enabling proactive care delivery models through its proprietary, FDA-cleared Personalized Physiology Analytics technology. PhysIQ is a proven, first-of-its-kind data analytics platform designed to process multiple vital signs from wearable sensors to create a personalized dynamic baseline for each individual. By mapping vital sign relationships this way, physIQ’s analytics detect subtle deviations that may be a precursor to disease exacerbation or change in health. With applications in both healthcare and wellness, physIQ is transforming continuous physiological data into insight for providers, health systems, payers, and pharmaceutical companies.

About VitalConnect:

VitalConnect is a leader in wearable biosensor technology for wireless hospital and remote patient monitoring. VitalConnect leverages extensive expertise in bioengineering, data analytics, chip design, and mobile and cloud software, creating technology that supports decision-making paradigms to achieve better health and economic outcomes. The VitalConnect platform is FDA-cleared, CE-marked and Ninsho Certified. It includes the HealthPatch®MD biosensor and in the US and Europe, the single-use VitalPatch™ biosensor. VitalConnect’s products are designed for use in a broad range of inpatient and outpatient settings for hospital monitoring, post discharge care, cardiac monitoring and pharmaceutical solutions. For more information, please visit

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