VigiLanz Introduces Enhanced Care Management Solutions Development Services at HIMSS 2016

VigiLanz, an enterprise intelligence resources (EIR) software and services firm delivering real-time clinical and business intelligence services to approximately 400 hospitals, introduced today its enhanced Care Management Solutions development services at HIMSS ’16, the annual healthcare information technology conference and exhibition being held this year in Las Vegas.

VigiLanz Care Management Solutions delivers a robust, flexible configuration and customization environment that can be leveraged across a healthcare enterprise by administration, IT, patient care givers, hospital support staff, and researchers alike. “This ‘open platform-on-a-platform’ in the cloud enables numerous and varied projects to be configured and implemented quickly using VigiLanz Care Management Solutions Services for inpatient and outpatient populations alike,” said David Goldsteen M.D., VigiLanz chairman and CEO. “With VigiLanz Care Management Solutions, clients have a workbench environment on the VigiLanz Intelligence platform, to address specific problems by designing custom sets of services, including discrete clinical workflows, real-time alerting, analytics and reports. Groups that are dedicated to improving patient care, care delivery, readmission, cost containment and working to optimize research efficiencies can benefit greatly from the flexibility we provide.”

According to Stacy Pur, VigiLanz Clinical Intelligence vice president, workflows, alerts, analytics and reporting are significantly different from what a typical EHR transaction system can provide. “One of the major advantages of using VigiLanz Intelligence is the rapid speed, flexibility and responsiveness of our enterprise platform. VigiLanz Care Management Solutions enables the creation and delivery of numerous software-based services quickly to meet the dynamic and evolving needs of users. In addition, VigiLanz provides flexibility in working with many different types of healthcare and alternative data across a variety of user groups, and particularly offers the unique ability to standardize disparate data elements along with the ability to deliver solutions and services to groups and systems outside of typical EHR user groups.”

Ms. Pur cited several examples in which clients have leveraged VigiLanz Care Management Solutions:

• Real-time Core Measurement Improvement “VigiLanz provides real-time alerts for case identification based on imaging results, sending alerts directly to the quality intervention group only if the desired measures have not yet been seen,” Ms. Pur said. “Alerts are delivered directly to the intervention group emails, assuring full coverage and eliminating a need to log into another system. As conditions change around the alert, VigiLanz flexibility readily allows for same day alert revisions without burdening the facility’s IT group.”

• Readmission Reporting “When discharge planners at a client required a cohesive and timely way to identify when patients were presenting to select areas of the facility (inpatient and outpatient departments), VigiLanz Care Management Solutions was utilized to configure and maintain a custom patient list for this facility with custom real-time alerts built-in and refined to deliver information to discharge planners within moments of patient presentation,” according to Ms. Pur.

• Harmonizing disparate/unique data Ms. Pur also cited VigiLanz Care Management Solutions’ value when it comes to efficiently managing data. “A user group at a client was attempting to follow published guidelines and wanted to improve performance around an activity that was occasionally documented via free text in various areas of the EHR. VigiLanz consulted with the client to identify different ways this information (oral CHG mouth care for VAP prevention) was found in the patient chart and then married it with the population at risk, in this case vent patients, to deliver an alert to nurse managers when the desired activity was not seen within a certain timeframe of the patient being intubated.” Additionally, said Ms. Pur, VigiLanz Care Management Solutions was configured to further assist the client by compiling desired temporal intervention data for their performance analysis.
According to Dr. Goldsteen, examples such as those cited above, demonstrate that VigiLanz Care Management Solutions is further validation of what many leading healthcare industry analysts have recognized as an exceptionally flexible intelligence platform architecture and data model. “Our EIR platform’s ability to interact with many data types is helping define the real-time health-delivery organization in the post-EHR digital health era.”

VigiLanz will be exhibiting and demonstrating the VigiLanz Intelligence Platform at HIMSS ’16 today through March 3 in Las Vegas.

VigiLanz’ exhibit booth is located at #12306 at the Sands Expo Hall.

About VigiLanz
VigiLanz Corporation ( is a privately held, rapidly growing provider of SaaS health care intelligence and predictive analytics. The firm is focused on aggregating disparate EHR transactional workflow and documentation data across health systems to identify real-time clinical issues that avoid or minimize harm, optimize clinical outcomes and support preventive care along the entire health system continuum. The company was founded in 2001. VigiLanz supports a large and growing community of hospital CMOs, CMIOs, CIOs, quality teams, infectious disease and control specialists, pharmacists, and other clinicians dedicated to real-time inpatient and outpatient care. VigiLanz is shaping the emerging era of real-time health care by delivering enterprise intelligence technology and services that improve clinical outcomes, patient care and operational effectiveness.

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