Urology Centers of Alabama Adds Greenway’s Revenue Cycle Management Solution to Improve Financial Performance

Urology Centers of Alabama (UCA) has expanded its partnership with Greenway Health with the addition of PrimeRCM, Greenway’s clinically driven revenue cycle management solution. The solution integrates seamlessly with Greenway PrimeSUITE, UCA’s current electronic health record (EHR) and practice management solution, to optimize the practice’s clinical processes and financial performance.

To coordinate billing across 16 facilities with over 200 physicians and staff, UCA staff knew they needed a more efficient, cost-effective way than their traditional in-house methods to manage billing and maximize reimbursement.

“We were struggling with in-house billing,” said David Sorrells, practice manager. “Our biggest challenge was finding adequately trained staff to work the claims and patient accounts correctly. But even if we could have recruited the right people, the cost would have exceeded RCM as a service. And we needed to stabilize our billing situation quickly.”

“Looking at PrimeRCM, it was a natural fit,” Sorrells continued. “Because we already have a relationship with Greenway and the RCM solution integrates directly with PrimeSUITE, we knew the transition would be an easy one.”

Enhanced decision-making, revenue flow and patient satisfaction

Instead of billing claims and tracking payments internally, UCA’s clinical data now flows directly from PrimeSUITE to the Greenway RCM team, who completes the billing and collection processes. The integrated solution will also send payer alerts and recommendations to the physician at the point of clinical decision-making, enabling UCA to make well-informed decisions based on the best available clinical data and information on each patient’s reimbursable tests and procedures. This minimizes rejected claims, improves patient satisfaction by preventing unforeseen charges on later bills, and enables the practice to receive appropriate payment more quickly.

In partnership with Greenway for RCM services, UCA is decreasing staffing needs and costs associated with billing, eliminating the need for lengthy hiring and training processes, and ensuring that each location can operate efficiently.

“Like UCA, more and more of our customers are finding it beneficial to employ a holistic approach to managing their revenue cycle,” said Greenway CEO Tee Green. “Our clinically driven RCM solution integrates clinical data with payer data, supporting a value-based reimbursement model, driving adherence to payer rules, and expediting reimbursements. More importantly, it frees the practice to stay focused on its number-one concern: providing exceptional patient care.”

About Urology Centers of Alabama

For more than 60 years, Urology Centers of Alabama has been committed to providing the highest quality of urology medical services in a compassionate and caring environment. The practice has earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence across the state of Alabama as well as throughout the Southeast, and has grown a regional and national reputation as a center of excellence in the robotic treatment of prostate cancer care. For details, visit www.urologycentersalabama.com.

About Greenway Health

Greenway Health delivers the clinical, financial and administrative solutions healthcare providers need to effectively manage the delivery of quality care and improve health outcomes for patient populations. For over 35 years, Greenway has offered smarter solutions that help providers succeed in an evolving value-based healthcare system. Greenway’s clinically driven revenue cycle management services and comprehensive suite of interoperable solutions improve financial performance and automate clinical and administrative workflows, so medical providers can spend time on patients instead of paperwork. For more information, visit www.greenwayhealth.com or call (866) 242-3805. Follow Greenway on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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