TouchCare Now Connects Android Users to Their Doctors

TouchCare is releasing a product update that makes it even easier for physicians, health care providers and their patients to use their smartphones to quickly and easily connect for remote video calls anytime, anywhere. The new version has a completely redesigned interface which enables a provider to download TouchCare’s free app, set up a profile and invite a patient to connect for a secure video call in minutes. And for the first time, the app is now available on Android as well as iOS with a simple download from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

TouchCare video calls can be made over both cellular networks and Wi-Fi through the app’s HIPAA-compliant secure platform. Based on feedback from health care providers and consumers who have been using TouchCare, product updates were made to simplify the user interface and provide physicians with increased control and added flexibility with availability and communication settings. All updates allow physicians to better connect with patients and improve quality of care.

“Valuable feedback from providers using TouchCare over the past six months drove the product updates, resulting in an easier to use and more broadly available app for both patients and physicians,” said Dov Cohn, SVP product development at TouchCare.

For physicians, the new product updates make it even easier to incorporate the app into existing workflow, including: new patient access control settings; one-click email invites to connect with patients; options to upload informed consent and privacy documents; and unique clinic-specific Invitation Codes that allow patients to connect with all the providers in a practice at once. Upgrades to the patient experience include quick links to providers in their network, automatic appointment reminders and push notifications for incoming calls.

Cohn continued, “TouchCare is designed to work with physicians’ existing scheduling, charting and billing functions without changing workflow. A doctor can invite patients to connect in the app and schedule appointments in seconds. Using TouchCare makes it incredibly easy to offer real-time, personal video as an alternative to patients always needing to come into the office. Since TouchCare is a free app, providers who are unfamiliar with telemedicine or mobile video calls can easily try it out and learn how to incorporate video into their practice. The key is that TouchCare connects people with their own physicians, marrying both convenience and continuity of care.”

Doctors, nurses and health care providers at some of America’s leading medical institutions are using TouchCare for follow-up appointments, to review test results, better manage patients with chronic illnesses, provide medication refills and to offer afterhours care and as a better alternative to a variety of “call me if” situations.

TouchCare provides a free and easy to use solution for health care providers – from solo practitioners to providers in large clinics or hospitals – to improve the quality of care, save time and money, and improve patient satisfaction. Get the updated TouchCare app with a simple download from Google Play or the App Store, and learn more at:

About TouchCare

Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, TouchCare brings mobile health to mobile people, offering patients a way to remotely connect with their own doctors through private face-to-face video calls via smart phones or tablets. The TouchCare app officially launched in November 2014 and is already used by providers at some of America’s leading medical centers, including Mount Sinai in New York City. For more information, visit:

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