RoundingWell Partners with The Center for Case Management

Today RoundingWell, an integrated care management platform provider, announced a partnership with Boston-based Center for Case Management. The two companies will work together to help clients adapt to the needs of emerging value-based payment models.

To meet the growing demand for integrated approaches to health care delivery, provider organizations of all types are looking to make sometimes fundamental enhancements to their care delivery capabilities. These “enhancements” can be applied to every element of the care delivery continuum, from strategy and people, to processes and technology.

In anticipation of this shift, RoundingWell and The Center for Case Management will work together to provide solutions for healthcare organizations to help them operate successfully in environments where revenues are increasingly tied to the optimization of care coordination and patient outcomes.

“RoundingWell is a complete package for population health care/case management and is the strongest IT solution we have seen,” said Karen Zander, president and CEO of The Center for Case Management. “It connects team members that need information in order to accurately intervene, and helps patients self-pace adoption of new information, values and skills.”

“A patient that has RoundingWell on their phone or computer has a care manager with them at all times,” Zander noted. “ A longitudinal care team spread across multiple levels of care has the comfort that they will be alerted if there are problems. In addition, health systems and ACOs have the reassurance that their risk contracts with Medicare and other payers will not be risky, because patients will receive the help they need at the right time to help achieve their expected outcomes.”

Hospital systems, population health providers, ACOs, home health and providers of all types are transitioning to fee-for-outcomes delivery models, explained John Smithwick, CEO of RoundingWell.

“This transition doesn’t happen overnight. And change is not always easy. We recognized the need to work with knowledgeable and respected consulting groups that are helping providers introduce these innovative care delivery models,” Smithwick said. “In partnering with The Center for Case Management – an organization that has the depth of knowledge and years of proven experience that it does – we make it easier for providers of all types to have a clear path to value-based care. We’ve learned that this path is never cookie cutter. It is often driven by the unique and specific objectives of each provider. Working together, our two organizations can help meet these needs.”

With more than 30 years of experience helping health care systems transform their care delivery capabilities, The Center for Case Management has a deep base of knowledge to help health systems manage organizational change, as well to provide ongoing support to those implementing new care management techniques.

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About RoundingWell
RoundingWell is a cloud-based care management platform to help providers transition to a value-based world, and to help clinician teams engage patients and coordinate the delivery of care. RoundingWell is offered as a subscription service to a variety of health care entities, including hospitals, ACOs, Medicare Advantage plans and specialty care providers.

About CCM
The Center for Case Management, Inc., founded in 1986 at New England Medical Center Hospitals (now Tufts Medical Center), Boston, continues to be the industry leader in the custom development of tools, roles and systems for managing outcome-driven care from the bedside to the boardroom at the lowest possible LOS and cost per case across the continuum. CCM’s clients include hospitals and health systems; small and large direct care provider agencies and physician groups, health plans, information systems and pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions and professional associations.

As the innovators of outcome-based clinical paths (CareMap™ tools) and clinical case management, CCM constantly expands those and other methods for achieving cost/quality outcomes, including analyses of case type level data and case management performance indicators for both payers and providers. CCM provides solutions and implementation strategies to meet the unique needs of clients as they seek ways to meet mission and margin targets.

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