pingmd Announces Availability of pingmd 2 Platform

The availability of the pingmd 2 platform, a mobile healthcare solution app that features three new capabilities designed to further strengthen communications between doctors, networks and patients, was announced by Dr. Gopal Chopra, CEO of Pingmd at HIMSS 15 Annual Conference and Exhibition, McCormick Place booth # 7356, April 12 – 16, Chicago.

Pingmd 2, which features the first tailored specialty patient engagement capability; the ability to quickly and efficiently build team referral networks and create referral directories; and the integration to EHR across all platforms, will be exhibited and demonstrated, during HIMSS.

The pingmd platform establishes an efficient and structured dialogue between patients and doctors, and doctors and their colleagues, using a secure app which captures photographs, videos and text-based conversations. Pingmd’s case-based system enables patients to submit relevant information to their doctors, who can then immediately provide feedback, next steps and create secure documentation that is HIPAA compliant.

“Pingmd 2 incorporates a patient engagement upgrade to increase the efficiency of communication between patients, their primary care and specialist care providers,” explained Dr. Gopal Chopra, CEO of pingmd. The new upgrade allows doctors to tailor and build specific screens for patient interfacing, that are specific to the provider’s specialty or the patient’s underlying condition. Particularly vital to telemedicine and virtual care, the new patient engagement feature enables better navigation of services and tracking of patients before, between or after visits, Dr. Chopra noted.

While the pingmd 1 platform continues to provide secure messaging and efficiencies for the complex and flexible care networks that physicians and institutions need to engage with and manage their patients, pingmd 1 has been upgraded to enable providers to more rapidly build team referral networks and create referral directories.  This capability enhances the efficiency of the virtual encounter or consultation between patient and physician, and will help physicians to build their referral networks easily and automatically, much faster than web directories, thereby contributing to more rapid practice growth, Dr. Chopra said.

To simplify the workflow, pingmd 2 third upgraded feature allows the integration of certain EHRs and HIEs across all platforms, thus enabling consults, cases, physician orders and follow-ups to go into the record of the patient seamlessly, Dr. Chopra explained.

Developed by Gopal Chopra M.D. and his wife, Dr. Manju Chopra, an experienced pediatrician who was frustrated that she spent more time on administrative tasks than with her patients, pingmd is building the conversation pathway of the future for healthcare by removing the clutter and inefficiency of multiple tools, complex logins and irrelevant data.

To access the free app, visit the pingmd website:

Headquartered in New York City, pingmd, Inc. is a cloud based secure communication platform that provides messaging, voice and telehealth; integration to medical records; population health patient engagement; eVisit technology; and data and analytics of communication and care management.

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