NueMD Survey Invitation: Attitudes Towards ICD-10

NueMD is conducting an online survey to measure healthcare professionals’ attitudes towards the transition to ICD-10. All healthcare professionals who are affected by ICD-10 are encouraged to participate. Participants can access the brief survey at The survey takes about five minutes to complete, and all responses will be kept confidential.

As we near the October 2014 deadline, the results will help medical practices benchmark against their peers and allow HIT vendors and consultants to better prepare for changes in HIT standards. The results of the survey will be published on NueMD’s website and shared with the industry as an informational resource.

The survey aims to capture thoughts on the transition timeline, anticipated effects on specific business areas, and the reliability of different sources of information on new standards.

Researchers from NueMD conducted a similar survey in 2012, “Attitudes Towards the Transition to ICD-10 and ANSI-5010.” According to the results, 96 percent of the respondents reported they were concerned about the potential impact of the transition to ICD-10. The survey also revealed 73 percent of the respondents anticipated the process would negatively impact their operations and finances, as well as their personal and staff state of mind.

NueMD plans to conduct a follow-up survey to reevaluate the industry’s perception of ICD-10 in early 2015.

To participate in the survey, please visit

About NueMD
NueMD is a complete medical management solution powered by Nuesoft Technologies Inc. Founded in 1993 at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s acclaimed Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), Nuesoft became an immediate success by delivering the first platform independent medical software program to the medical community. Since then, Nuesoft has consistently led innovation in the HIT industry, including producing the first Internet-based medical practice management system in the form of NueMD.

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