NEPS Introduces BedSide Docs; Powered by airSpring Software

NEPS, a leading provider of hosted customer communications management solutions and technology services, announces the availability of its newest offering, BedSide Docs. BedSide Docs is a mobile healthcare forms solution that allows hospitals to digitally manage the traditional paperwork required for functions like admissions, consent and discharge, eliminating the labor costs involved with the processing, scanning, archiving and shredding of paper-based forms.

To develop this product, NEPS collaborated with Lexington, KY-based airSpring Software, providers of a software platform that empowers organizations to rapidly create and personalize mobile, web and print applications that deploy automatically on any device, all in a hosted environment. airSpring provides BedSide Docs with the underlying technology that makes it possible to build and implement clear and concise documents, prepopulate those documents with key data, capture information electronically, and electronically sign with date/time stamp. Once complete, the documents can be immediately integrated within an organization’s electronic medical records (EMR) system.

NEPS has more than 20 years of healthcare industry expertise, enabling healthcare organizations of all sizes to find fast and cost-effective ways to improve patient safety and reduce risks with an unmatched blend of innovative technology solutions, information design disciplines and print systems expertise. NEPS designed BedSide Docs to give hospitals the capability to quickly and profitably deliver the next step in automating a complete document management environment.

“Implementing BedSide Docs speaks volumes to the progressive technologies hospitals require in order to be competitive today. It also answers the current, critical need to address the requirements of Meaningful Use with its ability to quickly and easily switch from paper charts to electronic records to improve efficiency and provide better care for patients,” said Bob Wickham, senior vice president, general manager EPS for NEPS. “We are very excited to bring this innovative digital solution to the healthcare market at just the right time.”

About NEPS
NEPS, LLC is a recognized innovative leader in developing, integrating, automating and delivering hosted Customer Communications Management (CCM) and distributed point-of-need communications solutions to the healthcare, insurance and financial services industries. NEPS builds technology solutions that enable our clients to overcome their most complex customer communications challenges. NEPS is part of the Taylor portfolio of companies, one of the largest privately held companies in the United States, creating powerful and intuitive products and the strategic thinking needed to develop interactive, printing and marketing solutions.

About airSpring Software
Headquartered in Lexington, KY, airSpring Software provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that enable companies to build a wide array of business applications in a collaborative cloud-based environment. The platform works in private or hybrid clouds and integrates seamlessly with a company’s data, systems and processes. The applications created through airSpring Software instantly deploy to any device— including smartphones, tablets, PCs or Macs, email and documents—eliminating the need for additional and specialized programming. airSpring is helping companies in the healthcare, financial services, insurance, manufacturing services, high technology, telecommunications and other industries dramatically improve time to market, lower costs and meet the demands of today’s mobile society.


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