MEA|NEA Partners with PaySpan, Improve Payer and Provider Efficiency with Electronic Attachments

MEA|NEA, the recognized leader in secure unstructured health information exchange, and PaySpan, Inc., the leading provider of healthcare reimbursement and payment automation, announced they have partnered to integrate MEA|NEA electronic claim attachment capabilities into PaySpan’s reimbursement platform. These new administrative efficiencies will be made available to PaySpan’s more than 700,000 providers nationwide providing secure exchange of clinical and supplemental data to more than 800 health plans connected to PaySpan’s network. This solution enables payers to electronically request and providers to electronically respond with attachments of supplemental information needed to fully adjudicate claims providing acceleration of reimbursement funding at lower costs. The technology can be utilized for the exchange of medical, dental and other health insurance-related information

It is estimated that 1 billion pieces of paper move between payers and providers as part of reimbursement in the U.S. each year. This partnership between MEA|NEA and PaySpan will enable payers and providers to eliminate much of that paper, saving the industry an estimated $500 million annually in administrative costs. The efficiency, value and satisfaction created for all provider and payer stakeholders who use this solution will be significant.

“Both PaySpan provider and payer clients will recognize tremendous value, reduced cost and greater efficiency in managing attachments electronically across our network rather than via traditional paper methods,” said Kevin Arner, CEO of PaySpan. “This will effectively reduce payment delays and complexity while eliminating unnecessary costs throughout the process. This automation enhances the payer adjudication process, and improves provider revenue cycle workflow, creating a higher quality of service between payer and provider.

“We are pleased that through this new relationship we can continue to bring innovation and automation to payers and providers in a manner that drives efficiency throughout the healthcare economy,” Arner said.

Providers and payers will be utilizing MEA|NEA’s FastAttach solution through PaySpan’s network enabling payers to request additional information and providers to immediately respond by providing additional healthcare information using a comprehensive suite of capture methods including virtual print, screen import, scanned images, file import, and mobile phone image capture — the most complete array of tools available for secure electronic attachments in healthcare.

“MEA|NEA is committed to enabling our clients to achieve better efficiency and cost-savings through improved electronic communication,” said Lindy Benton, CEO of MEA|NEA. “We’re excited about the opportunity to collaborate with PaySpan in providing these advanced capabilities for the benefit of both their payers and providers. By working together, we can significantly impact process change leading to greater efficiencies and less paper.”

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MEA|NEA, an industry leader in revenue cycle enhancement for payers and providers, manages the secure exchange of health information, providing critical functionality to payers, medical and dental providers and other agents. MEA|NEA solutions facilitate secure electronic requests for records and documentation to connected network providers for payment integrity, risk adjustment, audit tracking, performance/quality measures, claim attachments and more. Similarly, its technology enables providers: to gain productivity via the electronic capture, storage and submission of healthcare documentation; to more effectively manage their revenue cycle and reduce claim denials. |

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