Laparotomy Sponge Market By Region – Global Industry Insights

Laparotomy sponge also called as laparotomy pads or absorbent pads used for hemorrhage evacuation during the abdominal surgeries. Laparotomy sponges are used for absorbing viscera around the surgical site to obtain clear view of internal organs during surgery. Laparotomy sponge are mainly made of 100% cotton to maximize absorbency. Other materials used for laparotomy sponges are 100% rayon chamoix, rayon–polypropylene chamoix, and 20/80 nylon–polyester composite towels. Laparotomy sponge are prone to retained surgical bodies. According to Macedonian journal of medical sciences, 2017, sponges are the most common foreign bodies left after surgery. Manufacturers introduced X-ray detectable or barcode tagged laparotomy sponge, which are tagged with X-ray detectable strip or strand of thread to avoid retention of surgical sponge in the body.

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Laparotomy Sponge Market – Market Dynamics

Increasing bariatric surgery is expected to fuel growth of the laparotomy sponge market in near future. According to National Center for Health Statistics, the prevalence of obesity was 36.5% in the U.S. adults in the duration of 2011-2014. Moreover, according to article published by PubMed, the total number of bariatric procedures performed in 2013 were 468,609, worldwide. Moreover, according to the United Kingdom National Bariatric Surgery Registry (NBSR) report of February 2017, the primary bariatric surgeries performed were about 5,192 primary operations coupled with 336 revision surgeries in year 2012 – 2013. According to same source, the in 2015-2016, the rate of primary surgeries reduced to 5,056, whereas revision surgeries increased up to double as compared to 2012 – 2013, i.e. 648 bariatric surgeries. Furthermore, increasing number of obese population is expected to increase the bariatric surgery rate proportionately during forecast period. Moreover, high rate of open abdominal surgeries are driving the laparotomy sponge market growth.

Increasing number of caesarean-based deliveries are also expected to propel the market growth during the forecast period. According to Eurostat statistics, in 2015, caesarean section surgery performed in European Union reached up to 1.36 million, of which more than 220,000 were performed in Germany, over 200,000 were performed in the U.K.

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Increasing incidence of retained surgical items inside the body post-surgery is expected to propel demand for X-ray detectable and barcode detection-based laparotomy sponges. The absorbency of pre-washed laparotomy sponges are more than non-washed and is expected to more commonly use in surgeries with large volume body fluid absorption. However, increasing inclination of patients towards minimally invasive and non-invasive surgical procedures is expected to hamper growth of the laparotomy sponge market.

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