Infirmary Health Selects the Omnicell Unity Platform for Medication Automation Solutions

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Feb. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Omnicell, Inc., (NASDAQ: OMCL), today announced that Infirmary Health has selected Omnicell to be its provider of automated medication management solutions in its three acute care hospitals – Thomas Hospital, Mobile Infirmary and North Baldwin Infirmary. For the first time, Infirmary Health pharmacists and nurses will have standardized automated medication systems designed to improve workflow, increase patient safety and enable nurses to spend more time with patients.

“Infirmary Health is committed to providing the best possible care to our patients, and we performed a thorough review of all competitive medication automation systems to determine which vendor could best provide state-of-the-art solutions to meet our rigorous patient safety standards,” said Lee Ann Cain, executive director pharmacy and lab services at Infirmary Health.

“Omnicell clearly demonstrated a track record for continually improving its technology while providing extremely reliable products,” Cain added. “Medication management is essential to patient management, and we believe the integrated suite of products on the Omnicell Unity platform will help us achieve our medication goals now and in the future.”

Treating more than 100,000 patients each year, Infirmary Health offers the most advanced technology, comprehensive treatment and the highest quality of care in its region. Infirmary Health identified the need to obtain a new medication automation system, including automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs), so that all three facilities could be fully integrated within one central platform.

With its multi-site capabilities driven from a centralized server, the Unity platform will enable Infirmary Health to manage the ADCs used across all three facilities in their central pharmacy, operating rooms, and nursing units via a single database. This integration is designed to reduce the need for duplicate data entry, reduce the chance for errors, and improve the accuracy with which medications are tracked throughout the health system.

The Omnicell solutions selected by Infirmary Health are all part of the Unity platform and include:

“The marketplace continues to show the need for both unified and interoperable technologies that allow customers to truly understand how medications are flowing through the health system,” said J. Christopher Drew, executive vice president, field operations at Omnicell. “With hospitals physically growing beyond one central location, managing medications has become increasingly challenging.  We are pleased to work with Infirmary Health System to ensure they have centralized technology solutions for efficiently meeting their goals of safe and effective patient care.”

About Infirmary Health

As Mobile’s largest private employer and the largest nongovernmental, not-for-profit healthcare system in Alabama, Infirmary Health is composed of three hospitals, three post-acute care facilities, three diagnostic centers, and more than 30 medical clinics and other affiliates. Serving an 11-county area along the Gulf Coast and treating more than 100,000 patients annually, Infirmary Health offers the most advanced technology, comprehensive treatment and highest quality of care to remain the First Choice for healthcare in our region.

About Omnicell
Since 1992, Omnicell (NASDAQ: OMCL) has been creating new efficiencies to improve patient care, anywhere it is delivered. Omnicell is a leading supplier of comprehensive automation and business analytics software for patient-centric medication and supply management across the entire healthcare continuum— from the acute care hospital setting to post-acute skilled nursing and long-term care facilities to the home.

More than 2,800 Acute Care customers worldwide have utilized Omnicell’s medication automation, supply chain and analytics solutions to increase operational efficiency, reduce errors, deliver actionable intelligence and improve patient safety. Omnicell Non-Acute Care solutions, including its MTS Medication Technologies brand, provide innovative medication adherence packaging solutions to help reduce costly hospital readmissions. In addition, these solutions enable approximately 6,000 institutional and retail pharmacies worldwide to maintain high accuracy and quality standards in medication dispensing and administration while optimizing productivity and controlling costs.

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