Healthcare Administrative Technology Association Convenes Spring Meeting in Atlanta

Under the direction of Chris Bruns, Head of Product Development at MedInformatix, more than 23 member companies of the Healthcare Administrative Technology Association (HATA), recently convened for their Spring 2016 meeting in Atlanta. Bruns serves as the elected president of HATA, the leading industry voice for hospitals, physicians and allied healthcare professionals in the healthcare administrative technology and practice management systems arena.

“It was great to bring our colleagues together again to discuss issues of importance to our industry,” said Bruns. “Since our launch just one and half years ago, the association has grown in both membership and scope, and we’ve been actively engaged in numerous industrywide initiatives including ICD-10, the Practice Management System Accreditation Program, testifying before the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics and input to the Government Accounting Office regarding Meaningful Use incentives.”

Bruns also pointed to the very successful industry summit HATA hosted last year on ERA/EFT (Electronic Remittance Advice/Electronic Funds Transfer) as an example of how the association is working to raise practice management system issues within the industry. The summit brought together payers, providers and their trading partners to help identify and remove barriers that are keeping the industry from full ERA/EFT adoption. “The summit is a great example of how HATA is making a positive impact for our members and for our industry.”

For the remainder of 2016, HATA will be engaged across the industry, including leveraging recently negotiated strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations such as the American Medical Billing Association, American Telemedicine Association and the Professional Association of Healthcare Office Management. Association members also anticipate continued input on federal government regulatory initiatives. “Now that we have established our presence, it is important that we continue to advocate the practice management perspective. Our voice is an important one both in terms of the delivery of healthcare information technology and the delivery of healthcare itself,” added Bruns.

The practice management system industry numbers more than 600 organizations providing a variety of technology solutions in support of healthcare professionals. The industry represents nearly 100% of all initial claims submitted on behalf of hospitals, physicians and allied healthcare professionals. HATA provides the forum for its members to have a collective representative voice advocating on behalf of the healthcare administrative technology and practice management industry.

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