Greenway Earns Three U.S. Patents for Automated Medical Research to Advance Population Health

Carrollton, GA — Feb. 18, 2014 Greenway has been granted three new U.S. patents related to the automation of medical research designed to improve population health. The three patented inventions work together to coordinate the collection, analysis and reporting of relevant patient data contained in electronic health record (EHR) systems located at various facilities.

Greenway’s EHR solutions capture information to support individual patient care, and that data holds tremendous value for vital health initiatives. Patent number 8,494,874 supports medical research by automating the collection of patient data from EHRs to assist in recruiting qualified research participants. EHR systems communicate patient data in a common format to an enhanced server that searches the data to locate qualifying patients, enabling researchers to recruit them for participation.

Patent number 8,595,038 automates medical research. An enhanced server receives patient data in a common format from EHR systems, identifies participating patients, transfers pertinent data from health records into electronic medical-research documents, communicates with EHR systems as needed for additional information, and transmits completed electronic documents to a research system.

Patent number 8,606,593 coordinates this research automation across a vast patient population, with a system and method for EHR solutions at multiple healthcare provider locations to analyze, collect and track data according to set criteria in real time as it’s captured, or from storage in a database.

Streamlining Research to Support Important Health Initiatives

Together, these three Greenway patents illustrate just one of the many ways in which data collected in EHRs can deliver tremendous value to important health initiatives. Forthcoming applications that extract and report patient data — including anonymously when appropriate — will leverage this data to drive additional improvements in clinical and financial outcomes as well as major population health initiatives.

“Medical research is essential to improving the quality of healthcare, and these patented inventions simplify and speed providers’ ability to contribute to meaningful research outcomes,” said Greenway CEO Tee Green. “By automating the process of identifying patients who qualify — as well as mining, assembling and reporting real-time data throughout entire patient populations — our solutions are leveraging the rich data that exists in EHR systems in entirely new ways that contribute to improved population health.”

Greenway has four previously issued U.S. patents for customized templating capabilities, mobile EHR access technology and automated care coordination. As a pioneer in health data liquidity by working to ensure unimpeded data flow through its own solutions and across disparate systems, Greenway contributes significantly to improved outcomes for the healthcare industry and the consumers it serves.

About Greenway

Greenway delivers the clinical, financial and administrative solutions healthcare providers need to effectively manage the delivery of quality care and improve health outcomes for patient populations. For over 30 years, Greenway has offered smarter solutions that help providers succeed in an evolving value-based healthcare system. Greenway’s clinically driven revenue cycle management services and comprehensive suite of interoperable solutions improve financial performance and automate clinical and administrative workflows, so medical providers can spend time on patients instead of paperwork. Providers across primary care and more than 30 specialties partner with Greenway to improve outcomes in medical organizations nationwide. For more information, visit or call (866) 242-3805. Follow Greenway on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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