ECareSoft Selects LiveRebel to Help Deploy New Product Releases with Downtime

BOSTON – September 12, 2013 – eCareSoft, a Texas-based electronic health records (EHR) software company, has selected LiveRebel to help improve their software releases processes. LiveRebel was the prime choice for eCareSoft as they sought out a safe and automated way to deploy software updates, and deliver them to customers without any downtime or interruption. As a result, eCareSoft has achieved increased productivity, software quality and takes software to users three times faster than before.

Prior to selecting LiveRebel, eCareSoft conducted releases manually. Release windows took as long as four hours and customers needed to be informed well ahead of time. All updates were done after hours. Due to the nature of the EHR industry, 24/7 uptime and stability is critical.

“With LiveRebel, we shortened release windows by 90 percent and release three times more frequently. I now have a more agile release process,” said Miguel Rojas, R&D manager, eCareSoft.  “Going forward, I plan to use LiveRebel to perform database updates as well. I’d also like to use it to run smoke tests automatically and rollback failed deployments.”

LiveRebel has empowered eCareSoft to let engineers take on additional projects. It now only takes 24 hours in total for 10 engineers to release updates. This is a decrease of 66 percent compared to earlier. Additionally, by releasing minor updates more frequently, the eCareSoft team reduced the risk of releasing bugs and has seen a 45 percent reduction in support tickets logged.

“Customers are happier because they now receive updates every three weeks as opposed to every two months,” said Rojas. “By being able to release minor updates and fixes immediately, our customers benefit from immediate access to new features and better software quality.”

To learn more about how eCareSoft used LiveRebel to streamline their release processes safely, read this case study. eCareSoft plans to scale up production environments and further leverage other LiveRebel capabilities.

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About eCareSoft, Inc.

eCareSoft is a market leader in advanced technology solutions for inpatient and ambulatory markets. eCareSoft provides hospitals and their affiliated networks with natively integrated EHR, clinical and financial solutions that are affordable, easy to use and quick to deploy. The company founders have a 15-year international history of providing secure, customizable solutions that advance the patient care process, reduce medical errors and drive profitability. The company’s US headquarters is located in Austin, Texas with Latin America offices in Mexico City, Monterrey and Victoria, Mexico. For more information about eCareSoft, visit

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