Conversa Health Announces Digital Care Pilot with GreenField Health

SAN FRANCISCO and PORTLAND, Ore. – Feb. 20, 2014 – Conversa Health, a cloud-based digital care platform that helps physicians manage their relationships with patients, announced today that it will begin a pilot test with GreenField Health, a Portland, Ore.-based primary care clinic. The pilot will test the use of “digital checkups” that gather structured feedback on patients’ progress and outcomes between visits.

Digital checkups allow physicians to send their patients personalized educational materials and find out how they are doing between office visits by asking them simple but precise questions. Conversa’s analysis of patient-generated data enables physicians to efficiently monitor and communicate with their patient population and identify patients requiring intervention.

“We believe that asking the right questions to the right patients at the right time will benefit everyone,” said Dr. Philip Marshall, co-founder and the chief architect behind the Conversa system. “Providing consistent follow-up is an important foundation for physicians to meet quality objectives related to care.”

Conversa chose GreenField Health as a pilot site because of the clinic’s national reputation as a leader in primary care. With 13 practitioners, the clinic operates two offices focusing on internal and family medicine. It has been recognized by The New York Times and USA Today for its innovative, subscription-based model, which has enabled the clinic to maintain high quality care standards and avoid operating under production-based quotas.

“GreenField Health operates according to three principles—relationship, service and reliability,” said Steve Rallison, administrator of GreenField Health. “We’re here to care for patients and inspire them to health. Patient engagement is critical to this, so we’re thrilled to test Conversa’s innovative service, especially as patients can access it from any device.”

The pilot will test the use of the Conversa Conversation Engine™, which automates communication to patients, collects patient-generated data and feedback, and delivers personalized video education and alerts. Data is sent to the Conversa Signal Control ™, which analyzes data and generates reports to the physician for follow up.

The pilot will also utilize Conversa’s unique video sequencing capability, which matches a variety of patient attributes to video segments, assembling a cohesive education video for the patient based on their unique health needs. The video segments combine live action video with the best 3D animation available through a partnership with Nucleus Medical Media, reinforcing critically important educational points with vivid 3D animation.

“We’re excited to support Conversa Health in engaging patients and their families to improve their overall health experience,” said Ron Collins, CEO of Nucleus Medical Media. “We know that use of video and animation by providers helps establish a deeper emotional connection with the patient, increasing patient satisfaction and improving health outcomes.”

For more information about Conversa Health, or to inquire about participating in a Digital Checkup pilot, please e-mail or call 971-229-1942. Conversa Health will be exhibiting at HIMSS, booth number 5791, Feb. 23-27.

About Conversa Health (

Founded in 2013 by a team of technologists and healthcare professionals who are passionate about transforming the health care conversation through personalized patient engagement services, Conversa Health is privately held and based in San Francisco. The company is focused on automating digital conversations between physicians and their patients, creating continuous, structured interactions between visits to improve patient outcomes and overall satisfaction while helping to address escalating health care costs. Conversa’s distinguished advisory board consists of industry thought leaders and innovators, including Adam Bosworth (Google,, Dr. Brad Bowman (WebMD, Healthgrades), Brad Lawson (StayWell Health Management), Dr. Chuck Kilo (Oregon Health & Science University), Ann Mond Johnson (ConnectedHealth) and Clare Martorana (WebMD).

About GreenField Health (

GreenField Health is a nationally recognized primary care medical group known for its innovative approach to patient care based on relationship, service and reliability. It operates according to a subscription business model; patients pay a nominal monthly fee that ranges from $12 to $65, based on age. This model enables GreenField Health to offer patients more time with their clinician and other services, including acupuncture, physical therapy and nutrition counseling. It also relieves the clinic from having to rely on a production-driven, fee-for-service business model, which allows the clinicians to focus on the quality of care and, in turn, effective care management. Based in Portland, Ore., the clinic has two offices and also provides ambulatory care performance improvement consulting services.

About Nucleus Medical Media (

Founded in 1997, Nucleus Medical Media, Inc. is an award-winning creator of medical illustrations, medical animations and interactive multimedia for the publishing, legal, healthcare, entertainment, pharmaceutical, medical device and academic markets. Nucleus’s clients and partners include WebMD, McGraw-Hill, Dr. Oz, EBSCO Publishing, and thousands of other businesses in new and traditional media. Nucleus employs the world’s largest team of graduate-degreed medical illustrators and has a Medical Review Board with more than 125 physicians and nurses.

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