Cerner to Integrate Patinet-Generated Data Usiing Validic Digital Health Platform

Validic, the healthcare industry’s leading digital health platform, announced today an alignment with health information technology supplier Cerner Corp. to enable their access and connectivity to patient generated data from clinical and fitness devices and applications.

Cerner is a global leader in health information technologies that connect people, information and systems at more than 18,000 facilities worldwide. Recognized for its technology innovation, Cerner solutions assist clinicians in making care decisions and enable organizations to manage the health of populations.

Using Validic’s digital health platform, Cerner will be able to integrate clinical, fitness, wellness and nutritional data into the patient’s personal health portal, HealtheLife.With the patient’s consent, that information will be sent to their electronic medical record, giving nurses and physicians visibility to their health on a daily basis. This access to actionable, patient generated data continues Cerner’s focus and commitment to offering a suite of solutions that support personalized health care and enables individuals and populations to improve their overall health.

“Cerner is committed to working with our clients to create a future where the health care system works to improve the well-being of individuals and communities. To be successful, it is critical to provide access to actionable data on a regular basis, not just what’s collected when someone goes to the doctor,” said Brian Carter, senior director and general manager, personal health, Cerner. “Given Validic is device- and platform-agnostic, our alignment provides a much broader reach to clinical and wellness data to help propel our digital health strategy to health care organizations we serve, including the acceleration of remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and wellness initiatives.”

“Cerner’s innovative technologies connect people and systems around the world within and outside of the provider setting,”said Ryan Beckland, CEO and co-founder, Validic. “In working with Cerner, Validic bridges the data gap among its healthcare stakeholders and the clinical devices, fitness wearables, and patient applications they need to provide actionable insights and in-depth patient engagement. Working with a leader like Cerner, we are able to help deliver its connected health strategies into the hands of clients, and help fuel the exciting industry transformation to more accountable, value-based health care delivery.”

Validic provides solutions for a broad range of health care segments, including health systems and providers, pharmaceutical groups, research organizations and employer groups. Validic’s clients continue to rely on Validic to help them integrate and manage the world of mobile health and clinical devices, wearables and applications. With one easy connection to Validic, these health care organizations are able to access actionable patient data. This enables health care companies to gain valuable insights allowing them to work to improve care treatment plans, better population management and engagement, and enable improved connectivity across the entire continuum of care.

In the current health care environment, many companies are trying to solve the problem of integrating, managing and updating connections to the rapidly expanding ecosystem of mobile health technologies. Validic has helped its clients overcome this challenge by successfully delivering secure, standardized and actionable data for integration into clients’ health technology systems, electronic medical records, patient engagement portals, and wellness applications.

About Cerner

Cerner’s health information technologies connect people, information and systems at more than 18,000 facilities worldwide. Recognized for innovation, Cerner solutions assist clinicians in making care decisions and enable organizations to manage the health of populations. The company also offers an integrated clinical and financial system to help healthcare organizations manage revenue, as well as a wide range of services to support clients’ clinical, financial and operational needs.

Cerner’s mission is to contribute to the improvement of health care delivery and the health of communities. On February 2, 2015, Cerner Corporation acquired substantially all of the assets, and assumed certain liabilities, of the Siemens Health Services business from Siemens AG. Nasdaq: CERN. For more information about Cerner, visit, read our blog at, connect with us on Twitter at and on Facebook at

About Validic

Validic is the healthcare industry’s leading cloud-based, digital health platform for convenient and quick access to patient data from in-home clinical devices, wearables and patient healthcare applications. By connecting its growing base of customers — that includes providers, pharmaceutical companies, payers, wellness companies and health IT vendors — to the continuously expanding list of digital health technologies, Validic enables healthcare companies to better coordinate care across their communities, improve their patient engagement strategies and more efficiently manage their patient populations. Validic’s innovative, scalable and FDA Class I MDDS technology delivers actionable, standardized and HIPAA-compliant consumer health data from the best in-class mobile health devices and applications. Validic was recently recognized by Gartner and received Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices and Best Value in Healthcare Information Interoperability award. Validic’s leading global mobile health ecosystem reaches over 100 million lives and continues to grow daily. To learn more about Validic, follow Validic on Twitter at @validic or visit


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