Catalyze Reveals Stratum to Serve as Compliance Layer for Healthcare Infrastructure

Catalyze, Inc., healthcare’s leading HITRUST CSF Certified cloud provider, announced today the immediate availability of Stratum, the evolution of its Platform as a Service product. Stratum builds on Catalyze’s prior compliant platform and expands its functionality to service mature technology requirements and enterprise systems.

“Stratum is our exemplification of the right way to approach HIPAA compliance at the infrastructure level. Our HITRUST CSF Certification demonstrates Stratum’s validation and commitment to the highest security and privacy standards,” said Mohan Balachandran, co-founder and president of Catalyze. “The future of healthcare will be powered by scalable, interoperable, compliant infrastructure. Stratum is the base compliance layer that will help propel this future forward.”

Stratum Relieves the Burden of Compliance

HIPAA burdens technologists by diverting focus and resources away from an organization’s core competencies. Meeting and achieving compliance is complex and takes efforts that most organizations aren’t equipped to address. Businesses will be more successful and healthcare will be more effective at bettering patient care if digital health products and services can focus on innovation and improvement rather than compliance and regulation.

“Healthcare is searching for solid footing. Stratum gives it the compliant foundation it needs,” said Travis Good, MD, co-founder and CEO of Catalyze. “Our latest Platform as a Service evolution can now give that compliance bedrock to a wider range of companies who need it. It’s the mature approach to compliance that mature companies deserve.”

Starting today, innovative digital health companies can obviate the compliance burden to Catalyze with Stratum. A single Business Associate Agreement will service the entirety of infrastructure obligations.

For more information on Stratum, please visit Catalyze’s website at

About Catalyze, Inc.
Catalyze provides an innovative HIPAA compliant, HITRUST CSF Certified platform with a complete set of modules to handle, store and transmit PHI securely in the cloud. Scalable, HIPAA compliant and interoperable infrastructure is powering the future of healthcare, so Catalyze has built the platform upon which an enterprise can hasten healthcare innovation without the need to become an overnight expert in compliance. For more information, please visit

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