Amazing Charts Launches Copay Assistance Programs and Patient Education Messages

Amazing Charts, a leading developer of Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) systems for physician practices, announces the availability of two PDR services: copay assistance programs and patient education products that help increase medication adherence. Integration of PDR tools with the popular ambulatory-care EHR system makes it easier for independent physicians to distribute money-saving copay assistance and education materials to patients.

PDR’s suite of copay assistance programs delivers financial offers to the provider at the point-of-prescribing via Amazing Charts. This helps patients stay on therapy by alerting them to financial offers available for medications just prescribed. Patients receive printed materials in the office at checkout. Pharmacies get the information via electronic prescription transfer or hard copy script with auto-injected adjudication information generated from within Amazing Charts.

PDR’s patient education messages are triggered when a prescriber generates a prescription during a medical encounter, automatically printing a personalized message containing valuable and relevant resources for the patient. Messaging is designed to drive the behavior to fill prescriptions and stay on therapy. Providers can also fulfill Meaningful Use requirements with MU2-certified content.

“These new tools are a benefit for both prescribing physicians and for their patients,” said John Squire, president of Amazing Charts. “PDR’s copay savings programs lower the cost of prescription drugs and increase the probability of patients following their treatment plan. With PDR, we do it in a way that is streamlined and minimizes workflow steps for the practice.”

“We’re excited to expand our relationship with Amazing Charts,” said Mark Heinold, CEO of PDR. “PDR is committed to providing clinically relevant information to prescribers and improving patient compliance and outcomes. By working with Amazing Charts, we can have a positive impact on prescribers in physician owned primary care practices and their patients.”


PDR copay assistance programs and patient education services are available immediately in Amazing Charts EHR Version 8.2.3.

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