Guide To The Best Oxygen Concentrator

Stationary Home Oxygen Concentrator - 5 LiterIf you or a family member needs oxygen therapy in your daily life, there’s no doubt you’re at least somewhat familiar with the annual favorite, the oxygen concentrator. These devices are designed to collect oxygen and nitrogen in the air and give it to a patient so they can breathe easier.

How exactly do oxygen concentrators work? Ambient air is drawn through a compressor first. Next, nitrogen and oxygen are removed from the atmosphere through various filters. Then oxygen is delivered to the patient via a mask or nose tube after running through a pressure regulator.

Oxygen concentrators have many features and benefits that make them famous. It may seem like a challenge to find the right product to meet your needs. Here is some basic information and help you choose which oxygen concentrator is the best fit for you by telling some of the essential features.

How to Choose

Oxygen concentrators have several different features and benefits which can make them more or less ideal for certain patients. With this in mind, we’ve outlined some of the essential variables to consider; therefore, you can easily choose the best concentrator for your needs.

Flow Rate

The flow rate capabilities are one of the most important factors to consider when buying an oxygen machine. Oxygen is transported from the device to the patient through medical grade tubing at a specified flow rate.

A doctor usually advises the best flow rate for a patient; it is recommended that you must consult your doctor before buying an oxygen concentrator.

There are oxygen concentrators that may have lower flow rates in the range of 250 liter to 750 liter per minute, while others may have higher flow rates. It is crucial for customers to review the flow rate before purchasing because not all oxygen concentrators offer the same range of flow rates.


It is essential to consider how mobile your device is when looking into oxygen concentrators. Oxygen concentrators range in size and can be portable.

The high-powered units are designed to work hard and provide higher flow rates but are typically larger and heavier. These models are great for home use and deliver higher flow rates.

There is a variety of portable oxygen concentrators. These portable oxygen concentrators typically weigh between five to 10 pounds and sacrifice higher flow rates to be easier to transport and use. They are the perfect tool for patients who don’t need high flow rates.

Oxygen Concentration

The oxygen introduced to the patient has a specific percentage of pure oxygen content after being compressed and filtered. The value is known as the oxygen concentration. Some factors can affect the oxygen concentration level, including the number and design of the filters included in your oxygen concentrator.

Oxygen concentration values can vary between oxygen concentrators, which is why it’s important to note that the majority of products have a value between 87% to 99%. Higher powered equipment designed for patients who require high oxygen flow rates can also provide higher oxygen concentrations. In contrast, lightweight, portable oxygen concentrators for patients do not usually need the highest oxygen concentrations.


A commonly overlooked topic is the amount of noise generated by an oxygen concentrator. Oxygen concentrators also differ in the amount of noise they produce because of their wide range of constructions.

Some smaller portable concentrators are noise-free and non-distracting. Other concentrators, such as the high-powered, high flow rate equipment, can be a bit noisier while operating, as they both require higher power and have a higher rate of oxygen flowing from them.

Additional Features

Various items can help make the use of the oxygen concentrator easier or more effective. Carrying containers, flow locking settings, and easy-to-replace filter systems are just some of the extra features. Before making a purchase, it is worth looking at what supplemental features are available with a concentrator.


Oxygen concentrators can be used for convenient and adequate oxygen delivery to patients who cannot get it independently. These devices use the ambient air in any room to filter, process and compress then deliver pure oxygenated air to people who need it.

Because of the large variety of oxygen concentrators on the market, it might be challenging to choose the right one. Some people prefer a lightweight, portable concentrator, while others like high power and flow rate. Others think that the most crucial consideration is how loud a concentrator is.

When you sit down and think about each feature, it’s not hard to find a suitable oxygen concentrator.

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