Content Needed for Electronic Health Reporter

Scott E. RuppI recently returned from HIMSS19 where I attended some excellent educational sessions and met with dozens of individuals serving the sector through their businesses and partnerships. While there I was specifically looking to establish new content partnerships with health IT’s thought leaders. My goal: To produce an abundant amount of high-quality content from the brightest and most innovative minds in the healthcare technology community for my site, Electronic Health Reporter, which I’ve published for nearly seven years.

Like most health IT sites, I have aggressive growth goals for 2019 and the amount of content I need to meet these goals I cannot produce on my own. So, I need some help. I am seeking content and thought leadership pieces from members of the healthcare technology community. If you are interested in contributing a piece or a series or a regular column, I’d grateful to have it. Requirements are pretty straight-forward: 600 words minimum, vendor neutral and non-markety (unless you’d like to sponsor a piece).

If you are a member of a content development team or agency, please consider passing this along to your colleagues and clients; if you are a thought leader who would like to contribute, please contact me directly for more details.

Thanks to the support of the healthcare technology community, Electronic Health Reporter has experienced tremendous growth in the last year or so and I’d like see even more of it. For those who don’t know, this experiment is a passion project for me; it doesn’t pay my bills nor does it keep me from working a full-time day job. I publish the site because I love health IT, and as a content creator myself I understand the value of publications that see my work and my client’s messages as important. With your content (and social) support, perhaps we can keep this thing going for another seven years!

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!


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