Best Health Technologies In 2019 That Executives Should Look Into

By Harry Conley, health writer, and

Harry B. Conley

Healthcare technology is advancing quickly and this is precisely why executives need to be aware of all new technologies that can make their healthcare organisation more efficient and more impactful. This may seem difficult – staying on top of things and implementing new technologies always is, but it brings immense benefits and great results. While many technology advancements come with all that fame that is often not necessary, it can make patient satisfaction better. It can also improve cost savings and this is really important for the future of your organisation.

So, in this spirit, here are some of the most amazing tech advancements that can help your healthcare organisation become better and take another step towards the future.


Blockchain can make interoperability ai reality. You can solve many problems between healthcare organisations and it’s a solution that healthcare industry has been looking for for many years. It can decentralize the record systems and have multiple locations that can be shared with more stakeholders. This will help the healthcare system immensely and it can operate within different stakeholders in the healthcare systems. Instead of having a single client database, you can include both clinical and financial data on one server and in an independent, transparent database.

“Blockchain technology can share data in a safe system and put the clients and their needs at the center of the attention. Still, healthcare industry is a decade away from implementing blockchain in a meaningful way,”says Ingrid Fulton, a tech editor at Draft beyond and ResearchPapersUK.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can help with better oncology. Veterans Affairs is helping with this as a part of their precision oncology program which supports patients that have stage 4 cancer and that have tried all other methods of getting better. They are using AI to help use cancer data in the treatment of these patients. They are also veteran.

They treat more than 3.5 percent of patients in the US and this is the largest group of patients with cancer within any healthcare groups. This includes veterans from rural areas where it has been hard for them to implement better technology, especially something of this value.

NASA-inspired command centers

What if there was an interactive, comprehensive and digital command center where people that work in the hospital can get data from multiple sources and this means through an entire hospital. This year, GE healthcare created a large command center in Canada. It was alike an air traffic control center and this command center communicated with staff, delivering important information and having better efficiency and activity. The command center had better efficiency and deployed more command center in the previous year and these will be globally available by 2020.

Patient-controlled testing

Healthcare companies that create technology for healthcare professionals are always finding new ways to improve patient satisfaction and engagement in a meaningful way. Technology can give the patients an opportunity to see their own positioning and other measurements during a mammography and this engaged them on a higher level and provided better patient satisfaction. There is also a 3-D mammography device where patients can use a remote control to determine the pressure and ensure the patient comfort while still showing an accurate image of their condition. This device has other great features like softer surfaces and sound elements that help patients relax, decrease their pain and anxiety and so on.

Machine learning

Machine learning is often powered by the patient identity matching. When there is a lack of interoperability between different systems, you risk having a huge issue that’s not so easy to fix. You should go for neutral solutions that work great and that can intelligently go through thousands of patient data and then match that patient data with the right record in less than a second.

“If you have the right matching of the patient data to the right patient record, you can help your business grow and become better in general. This technology can enable clean and complete transfers between systems and this is the best you can get from interoperability,” says Lola Banks, a health writer at Lastminutewriting and Writinity.

All of these technologies might seem so far away from where you are now but you can strongly advance forward when you understand these technologies and how they can help your business in general. Make sure that you are completely aligned with the values that these bring and hopefully, your healthcare organisation will run more smoothly and sustainably.

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