As Demand for Virtual Patient-Provider Connections Surges, Updox Customers Conduct More than 45,000 Telemedicine Sessions Per Day

Press Releases / NewsUpdox, a telehealth platform, experienced a significant spike in demand throughout March, onboarding more than 10,000 new customer users to its HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution in just two weeks. Today, the company facilitates more than 45,000 telehealth visits per day between patients and their doctors, with that number increasing rapidly.

More than 300 million Americans are currently under orders to shelter-in-place as public health officials and providers work to contain and mitigate the coronavirus. Updox experienced a sharp increase in the demand for telehealth from mid-March, when more states began issuing stay-at-home orders and physicians needed a safe and secure way to connect with their patients.

Unlike some first-generation telehealth solutions, Updox allows patients to connect with their own physicians instead of someone unfamiliar to them. Likewise, rather than competing with physicians, the Updox platform supports practices to maintain revenue, protect staff and deliver care safely to their patients. Studies show that patients prefer receiving treatment from their own physicians, with whom they’ve developed strong, trusted relationships. In fact, according to a recent survey by Sharecare, 60% of Americans noted they would want to “access care with their primary physician if they experienced COVID-19 symptoms.”

Updox’s HIPAA-compliant solutions enable physicians to connect with patients in an easy-to-use way. There are no apps to download or special equipment needed. Physicians can provide safe and effective screening and treatment of their patients from the comfort of their own homes. Plus, it’s more than just video. As part of Updox’s Patient Engagement platform, after a telehealth visit, a practice can use the same system to securely email or text follow-up messages, patient forms, surveys and more.

“Post-COVID, telehealth will have forever changed the way healthcare is delivered. It strengthens the value and trust of the patient/provider relationship. Even when the patient can’t get to the practice, it opens care up in ways that some physicians wouldn’t consider before,” says Eric Weidmann, MD, South Austin Medical Clinic. “Reimbursement opportunities will continue to grow. But this has shone a light on the need for universal, easy, secure ways to deliver virtual care. That will stay with the industry.

Updox iextended office hours to ensure providers have the support, information and answers needed during this time. Practices that wish to start using telehealth can get registered, trained and begin providing virtual care within one day.

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