Applications of Blockchain in Healthcare

By Robby Gupta, head of US operations, TechJini.

Robby Gupta
Robby Gupta

This digital age belongs to the consumer, and in this age of the consumer, it’s imperative that businesses are consumer-centric. All services and products must revolve around the customer instead of the organization providing or delivering them. Digitization can enable this by unifying data sources and connecting processes. However, when it comes to industries such as healthcare, which deal with sensitive data, there is an evident challenge of data security.

Blockchain, a technology which rose from the hype of cryptocurrency, can address this challenge with its ability to provide secure path for data transactions. Applications of blockchain in healthcare are more real than ever before, today, owing to the changed mindset of the industry leaders and evolution of the blockchain technology itself.

The following infographic is making a business case for these applications explaining how the capabilities of blockchain can be mapped with the data challenges that plague the healthcare industry today. It envisions a future of healthcare where the patients are in control of their health data, and they receive the best treatment at optimized time and cost.

If you would like to learn more about the applications, challenges, and implementations of blockchain in healthcare, please feel free to download our eBook.

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