Apple’s New Healthcare Records App Beta Version — Following HL7’s FHIR Standards — Launched

By Manan Ghadawala, founder, 21Twelve Interactive.

Manan Ghadawala

The healthcare system seems to become better every day. The growth and development of digital platforms have provided a unique dimension for this particular industry to grow tremendously and provide an excellent service to the seekers. In this context, Apple, the most reputed smart phone and electronics manufacturer in the world, has launched a brilliant personal health record (PHR) platform in beta-version. This new version of PHR is released as part of iOS version 11.3.

This Apple health news is the beginning of a new era where the patients can easily share their personal health information with the entitled service providers. This step can be initiated by hospitals and other healthcare related firms so as to provide the best and safest treatment solutions. An iOS App Development Company will not become sufficient to provide such elegant applications that will maintain the industry standards and meet with the specifications of the contemporary healthcare system.

Apple’s new venture

For the very first time, the world’s largest manufacturer of smart phones, Apple has launched the beta version of a personal health record application. Currently, it has incorporated this application in iOS version 11.3. It has developed this unique platform based on the specifications provided by Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) constructed by HL7, a non-profit standard developing organization. It is considered to be the new face of health records app. This application is being developed and advanced in collaboration with 12 hospitals such as Cedars Sinai, Penn Medicine, Geisinger Health System, and John Hopkins.

Jeff Williams, the COO of Apple, said that the prime motto of this particular application is to aid the consumers spread across the world to lead a better and safer life. The healthcare organizations have provided immense insights and professional aid to make this Apple health records epic better and more efficient. The biggest challenge is to keep these records safe in the cloud system so that any service provider related to this process can access them without any hassle. This PHR can be easily carried on the phone and can be shown to the entitled professionals for better and faster treatment response. The news and rumors of Apple to launch Health Records system have now surfaced and the consumers are hoping for a better day in the future.

Features of Apple health records app

This app will be the first of its kind that will maintain the FHIR standard of specifications fabricated by HL7. This particular smart phone application will carry personal information such as medications, allergies, present condition, ailments, immunization records, etc. In fact, the interoperability feature of this application will also allow the medical professionals to access the information and also to check electronic health records for lab results and other information. The Apple health records app is currently released as a beta version to find out the reaction of the users and its compatibility. All the information enlisted in this app will remain encrypted to keep it safe.

Apple announces Health Records platform and is currently developing a better platform for all the consumers that can be accessed by the entitled professionals as well. As per the plan, this information can be availed by the following professionals or organizations:

This FHIR specification incorporated application will be easily accessed by Apple iPhone users. In fact, it can be synchronized with the smart watches produced by Apple. Previously, Cedar Sinai provided Apple iPads and other gadgets to the patients for amusement and entertainment. These electronic devices had its own application system that allowed the patients to interact, communicate, and entertain themselves in the hospital compound. This is where the iPhone App Development Services can be of great help. Following the new trends by creating innovative applications for the patients and medical professionals will be the best way to provide medical care to the patients in the upcoming years. In fact, these applications which are meant for entertainment and interaction can be of great help to reduce anxiety and panic.

Benefits of Apple Health App

The number of patients will increase once the majority of the population enters the middle and senior age segment. It means that the world will need more hospitals and more efficient healthcare system. This is where the applications will become a part and parcel to impart excellent healthcare service to the needy. This Apple health app launch earmarked the presence of a unique digital system that will lead to a better communication platform for the patients and the doctors. The gap will be reduced to a minimum and the patients will have a higher control on their health record management. This Health app is the beginning of an efficient healthcare system where the doctors will also be able to monitor a patient remotely, respond promptly, efficiently distribute man hours for different patients, engage better medical solution, etc. This app will have an interface to connect with the smart gadgets used by the consumers. The Apple watch healthcare app can be used to monitor the vitals of a user.

The Apple health records partners list comprise of big names in the healthcare industry. Very soon, this efficient trend will catch up and the electronic health record segment will get an immense boost. Apple has reportedly entered the EHR business and the world is absolutely sure that the healthcare industry will become a far better place for every seeker. The difficulties faced by HIPAA once patients started controlling their data entered in the EHRs are being sorted. The future platforms will be made more specific and efficient where the medical professionals, as well as, the patients can participate. The AI engine developed and incorporated in this Apple health records API will read and analyze the specific information of the patients after seeking clear permission so as to deliver better insights to the entitled professionals.


The introduction of Apple EHR will patronize the worldwide necessity of health records. Many more companies will come forward with better solutions. New and efficient health applications will be developed for the purpose. This health records beta version will become market ready in no time.

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