AHIMA Releases New Telehealth Toolkit

AHIMA released a new toolkit that aims to provide guidance to healthcare organizations about telehealth, as its use soared during the pandemic and many organizations are seeking to implement or expand their telehealth programs.

“Countries around the world are interested in increasing their use of telehealth, and for good reason,” said AHIMA CEO Wylecia Wiggs Harris, PhD, CAE. “Telehealth can increase the quality and efficiency of care, while reaching underserved populations. We believe our new telehealth toolkit is an excellent resource for any healthcare professional looking for the steps required to successfully implement and maintain a telehealth program.”

While the pandemic accelerated the use of telehealth, the potential of digital health technologies to make health systems and services more effective was widely recognized before COVID-19, according to the toolkit. The toolkit’s authors highlight the benefits of a telehealth program, including enhanced access to care and timeliness. They also offer guidance to patients for telehealth appointments, recommending they:

The toolkit also contains an extensive overview of the definitions of telemedicine and telehealth, and features information for healthcare organizations considering a telehealth program, including:

The telehealth toolkit was developed thanks to the time and talents of 10 volunteers and is available for purchase at AHIMA.org.

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