Accenture: Most Consumers Want Access to EHRs, but Don’t Have It

accenture logoAccenture released the following infographic that illustrates the key findings of its recent survey (also featured in a recent post: Patient Willing to Switch Doctors for Access to Electronic Health Records) that suggests that most consumers want access to EHRs, but don’t have it.

The Accenture Consumer Survey on Patient Engagement explores whether doctors are delivering on the growing patient demand for access to EHRs and other electronic capabilities.

According to the info below, more than half of global users would switch to a doctor using EHRs with Brazil, France, Singapore and Spain registering well more than 50 percent of all patients willing to switch. In the US, the number of switchers hoovers at around 41 percent.

Three quarters of the the 9,000 survey feel it important that they have access to their electronic health records (81 percent) and 82 percent want the ability to schedule, change and request appointments with their physicians. Of the 82 percent, 37 percent say the feature is not available.

Finally, according to the following graphic, and perhaps/perhaps not surprising is the 91 percent of all respondents believe they should have some access to their health records electronically; however, 61 percent say they have not access to their records at all (this is surprising).

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