4 Ways to Use Technology for an Elder Care Facility

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For many elderly family members, the goal once they retire is to make the most out of their remaining years. After two years of reeling from a global health crisis, many have found immense value in taking their elderly loved ones to communities where their well-being is secured. 

As the need for senior care services grows, you might be thinking of ways to build an efficient facility. The secret lies in using technology. In this article, we look at some of the best ways you can harness new tools to provide optimal comfort to your elderly residents:

  1. Telemedicine and Telehealth

In recent years, healthcare providers have seen the possibility of using video conferencing and other alternative modes for delivering medical services. Today, these approaches have become a mainstay in the sector, including elder care.

Through teleconferencing, practitioners can connect instantly with their patients to conduct initial diagnostic procedures. This has proven to be effective, especially in dealing with patients who may have mobility issues. Senior living communities can also use the technology to provide convenient access to basic healthcare needs.

  1. Wearable Health Monitors

Another important trend that’s making headway in the elderly care sector is the use of wearable tools such as smartwatches. These can help track the health conditions of seniors, especially when it comes to their temperature, blood pressure, and even sugar levels.

They can also come in handy in detecting the onset of serious illness. For instance, this article from Very Well Health talks about a smartwatch that could identify potential common cold symptoms earlier. This would allow for a faster rate of response in treating the condition before it gets worse. With this, they can help improve recovery rates and even stop the spread of infectious diseases within a senior care community. 

  1. AI Voice Assistants

In the market for senior care services, only those communities that harness the latest tools are likely to succeed.  Features like voice assistants can help provide high levels of comfort and convenience to elders.

Now that voice assistants have become much smarter with the enhancements brought by artificial intelligence, seniors living independently experience greater comfort and convenience. Using AI voice assistants, they can automate simple tasks such as setting reminders, scheduling thermostat settings, and programming security systems. 

  1. Automated Security Systems

A critical issue affecting elder care facilities involves providing enhanced security, especially to vulnerable senior patients. Aside from accidents, it’s also important to set up security systems that can help uncover cases of elder abuse which, according to Richard Berberian, may include forms of malpractice and neglect. 

Using advanced security systems, elder care communities can gain a 360-degree view of all that’s happening in the area. Surveillance systems can help detect not only cases of elder abuse but also accidental falls and potential hazards. With this technology, senior living communities can improve the quality of life among their residents. 


Starting an elder care facility is a long and complicated process, but it can be simplified if you harness the latest tools. Investing in the right tech will raise the quality of your services and make you more competitive in this evolving sector.

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