What Functionalities Are Important for DCIM Solutions?

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tools gather control, monitoring and allocation of assets, space, power, cabling, cooling and downtime in one place. This makes it much simpler to get and keep your arms around your facility. That is, assuming you know what functionalities are important for DCIM solutions when you acquire yours.

The right software will make it easier to trace and resolve cable and circuit outages. Integration of new equipment and maximization of old equipment can be accomplished more readily — even while power capacity is being optimized. And, best of all, you’ll have a clear picture of all of your center’s assets.

So, here’s what to look for when considering DCIM software.

Strong Security Protocols

Given the proliferation of hackers taking control of systems and ransoming it back, one of your first concerns should always be access control. Keep in mind this applies to physical access to your server room as well. However, on the software side, you want a solution that gives you strict access control, including the ability to update access lists in real time. You want a system that keeps records of every transaction, including who performed it and from where it was enacted.

Robust Bandwidth and Power Monitoring

The ability to track and chart these two elements can help you determine when to expand your system as well as clue you in when things are about to go sideways. You’ll also be better positioned to determine the amount of bandwidth you’ll need to ensure smooth operation. The best software can be set to alert when certain power and bandwidth thresholds are approached. A spike in either of those parameters usually signals traffic is higher for some reason. It could mean you need to add equipment, the equipment you have is being used inefficiently, or you’re being hacked.

Precise Assets Tracking

Your network infrastructure is crucial to the operation of your facility. RFID technology, in conjunction with the right DCIM solution, makes monitoring assets possible 24/7-365. This enables it to be performed automatically and provide notifications when an asset is being used or moved.

IT Ticketing Support

Knowing where your assets are and when they’re being used is all well and good. It’s also critical to be informed when a problem occurs and exactly where it’s happening. With IT support ticketing capability, your DCIM software makes it easier to communicate needs to your techs. The best software empowers you to tell the right person exactly where to go and what to look for to resolve an issue quickly and cleanly.

An Easy API

Ideally, the software solution you select will be happily integrated into your existing IT system. The right application programming interface gives you this ability, which in turn enables the solution’s use with minimal training. This flattened learning curve also reduces training costs.

Ready Mobile Accessibility

A good DCIM mobile application lets you accomplish all of the above wherever you should happen to go. This gives you the capability of monitoring and controlling your facility from anywhere in the world — as long as you have online access.

Pain Relief

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when you’re considering what functionalities are important for your DCIM software is the potential for pain. Wherever there might be an issue in that regard when it comes to your facility, you want your DCIM tools to be capable of helping you resolve it.

Thinking in those terms will help you choose the best possible DCIM solution.

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