Using Tech To Improve The Patient Experience

Doctor, Sonography, Ipad, Hospital, ScanGoing to a hospital or other healthcare practice has always been a stressful process for patients. To ensure that their patients are comfortable, healthcare providers need to make sure they are improving the customer experience as much as they can.

In recent years, healthcare providers have been able to improve the patient experience using technology. Today, there are a number of ways in particular that healthcare service providers are improving the patient experience through comfort and convenience.


One of the fastest-growing trends in the healthcare industry has been the continued development and expansion of telehealth and telemedicine. Going to the doctor for a checkup can be a time-consuming process for all people involved.

Because of the amount of time spent sitting in public waiting rooms and signing forms, it also could lead to the spread of germs. With telehealth, you can receive a full checkup from your physician at home. They can also help to address questions that you have, which improves communication. This technology could drastically reduce the number of people that need to go to a physician’s office.

Electronic Records

The use of electronic records is now widespread in healthcare facilities across the country. In the past, if you ever needed to share your Healthcare records with another healthcare provider, doing so would be challenging and could take quite a bit of time to have the files transferred. Today, all records are recorded electronically. These are then very easy to share with the patients, insurance companies, and other healthcare providers. The quick sharing of these records can make several processes far more efficient.

Quality Television

Most people that think about television in a waiting room or hospital room will naturally think about an old grainy set with dials and bunny ears. Knowing how much value TV can provide patients during the recovery process, healthcare providers are encouraged to ensure such access is possible for each available bed.

It may sound silly to some, but a high definition TV stand with mount can make all the difference in the wellbeing of the typical patient. When connected to cable or streaming, such devices help patients and their loved ones take their minds off the stress of health problems, even if it’s just for a little while.

Information Sharing

Through the use of technology, patients are able to share data with their doctors more easily than ever before. A patient is able to bring a diagnostic tool home, which they could use to run a variety of health tests on their own. This data can then be transmitted automatically to a doctor. Based on the results, it will make it easier for a physician to assess the benefits of medication and determine the right course of action for your car.

Better Billing Processes

Dealing with medical bills is always a stressful experience. Because of inaccuracies and lack of transparency, it is hard to ever believe that your bill is accurate. However, with the newest technologies in the market, it is now easier than ever before to receive an accurate bill. When linking with electronic records and insurance information, you will receive a bill quickly, which is also more accurate and easy to understand.

Technology has always been an important part of the healthcare industry. While technology has been used to improve care, it is now also being used to improve the overall patient experience. There are several ways that this technology could provide value to a patient, which can make the process more efficient and comfortable.

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