Though Health IT is Improving, Pain Points Remain for Most Docs

Though health IT is improving, pain points remain for most docs. That’s according to new data published by HealthBiz Decoded, a Xerox site.

The actual data was collected by research company Wolter Kluwers Health from 300 practicing primary care physicians.

Based on their experiences with health IT, most (or in this case more than 150) said technology is improving patient care and safety.

At the same time, just as many are frustrated by the technology in their practices and more than 60 percent believe health tech is not helping improve relationships with patients, surprisingly.

Even more interesting, 66 percent say technology is making them more efficient, but even more eye opening is that 73 percent of respondents said health IT is contributing to the costs of services rising at their practices, not reducing cost.

With the sample size what it is, it’s a little touch to determine if these sentiments are spread across the spectrum, but they are interesting data point nonetheless.

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