Technology that Drives Patient Satisfaction

Some fascinating information from Industry View related to the value of EMRs/EHRs and the technology that drives patient satisfaction, especially as it shines additional light on the patient perspective of the technology.

As detailed here, electronic health records are appealing to folks and their value is beginning to be known among consumers needing care.

Of particular interest is that 82 percent of patients believe they receive better quality of care when their doctors use electronic records, and nearly half believe they’ve had better experiences at the point of care when their docs use the technology.

So, the question is, are patient consumers, as many as 50 percent, actually taking EHRs into consideration when they choose a physician? The survey seems to say so, but only time will tell for sure.

If nothing else, clearly we are beginning to see the value of health IT.EMR__NHIT_Infographic

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