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6 Tips for Writing an Effective Physician CV or Resume

By Liana Simmons, blogger and freelance writer.

Liana Simmons

A resume is an important document; its main roles are to distinguish candidates for the job position and a record of skills and achievements you have gained so far. If you are tired of sending your resumes all through different places without success, it’s time to change the strategy. Seeking help with resume writing is as important as seeking help with thesis writing for it to get you results. Do not be surprised by the fact that maybe nobody has seen your resume so far. A resume should secure you an interview or better still, a job.

Tip 1: Are you what they are looking for?

Before you apply, go for the position go through the specifications of what they are looking for exactly. This will guide you on how to structure your CV. At a glance over your resume, the potential employer should be able to see that you are a potential candidate for the job.

Tip 2: Use keywords

Most employers are using applicant tracking systems to sort out resumes. To ensure that your resume gets past the system, you need to use keywords that are essential to the physician position you are applying for. The best place to find suitable keywords is by using the same terminology used in the job advertisement. Use these words to describe your experience in the field and also use them at the top of your resume.

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