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Target Enrichment: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Exome and Custom Target Enrichment for Next- Generation ...

Target enrichment is an essential process for multiple types of DNA or genetic sequencing techniques, and depending on which technique is in question, the actual process will vary quite a bit in both degree and process. Let’s get into the discussion with a general definition of what target enrichment is.

What is Target Enrichment?

Target enrichment may involve different methods, depending on the particular type of sequencing, the exact sample, as well as the expected results (reason). It can still be defined in a more general sense as they all work towards selectively isolating the precise, genomic sections necessary for the sequencing.

Target enrichment is a preparatory step which amplifies both the speed and accuracy of the results derived from DNA sequencing. For finding and identifying nucleic acids and the variations between them with speed and supreme sensitivity, target enrichment is a time-tested and highly efficient step. It should be a standard procedure before the sequencing procedure can begin.

In instances of Targeted Next Generation Sequencing (TNGS), target enrichment has been found to be of crucial importance for reducing the time which would be necessary for previous generation of targeted sequencing to be completed. Next, we will focus more on TNGS and how target enrichment works towards making the modern sequencing process more accurate, cost effective and quicker.

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