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One Big Question Healthcare Technology Professionals Should Be Asking Right Now: How Are Healthcare Technology Dealing with Rising CyberAttacks During COVID?

Response from Bram Jansen, chief editor, vpnAlert.

Bram Jensen

The recent digitalization of the business world is putting businesses at risk of cyber attacks more than ever before. Big data analysis has the potential to offer protection against these attacks especially against coronavirus research.

Analytics is an essential element in leveraging cyber resilience. With more advanced and persistent attacks on the vaccine research libraries and the basic fact that every health-organizations must protect itself against all varieties of attacks while an attacker only needs one successful attempt, health-organizations must rethink their cybersecurity concepts. They have to go ahead of pure prevention towards the PDR paradigm: Prevent – Detect – Respond.

Lastly, modern big data security analytics solutions give various automated workflows for responding to detected threats, such as disrupting clearly identified malware attacks or submitting a suspicious event to a managed security service for further analysis. Automated controls for cybersecurity and fraud detection have been recognized as one of the important business drivers for future adoption in this study.